Ship can you please write some more little!will headcanons? I need comfort really bad right now, my health is getting worse and I’m scared. If not it’s ok, thank you for your constant inspiration and good vibes


  • hannibal has no idea how long they sit in his waiting room. he’s too busy holding his boy, and sorting through/compartmentalizing his feelings (being a hannibal can be Hard sometimes)
  • when will wakes up, he’s still feeling smol. hannibal doesn’t treat children, so all he can think of is sitting on the floor in his office between the chairs and letting will use a pencil and paper to draw. will is hesitant, but then hannibal starts drawing, so it’s okay.
  • he draws dogs. it becomes apparent that will can’t draw.
  • eventually, will just starts staring out the window until he comes back to himself. hannibal has to reassure him that what happened was okay, and he doesn’t think poorly of him, and he isn’t weird (at least about this). will grudgingly admits that he does feel better than he did when he arrived.
  • they talk about it (as much as will is willing to) after the incident in the waiting room. let’s say that the case in ouef is what triggered the whole thing, the idea of a childhood stolen.
  • the next time will comes for therapy, hannibal has colored pencils and a small stuffed bear. mischa loved her bear, before it was lost. hannibal also made snacks–stupidly fancy snacks, but still child-friendly.
  • “we can still hold our session as adults,” he tells will, “but i think it would be therapeutic to explore this side of yourself.”
  • so they sit in the floor during sessions now, drawing and coloring and talking about murder. sometimes will slips into his little space; hannibal doesn’t point it out. better to take it slow rather than just jumping into it all at once. he can lead will there and meet him on his own time.
  • and then will barges in one day outside of his appointment time, grabs the bear, plops down on the couch, and pouts when hannibal has no snacks.
  • it’s rude af, but hannibal can’t help but smile–a real smile, and it makes his face feel strange and his heart feel stranger.
  • will wants to color–not draw, just color–so hannibal winds up having to rifle through his drawing for something semi-appropriate for a little will to color in
  • wound man is appropriate. right?

i hope you feel better, nonny!! <3

gushing below the cut

This is so cute I can’t even stand it!! Ugh… I mean the whole idea is cute enough anyway, but Hannibal making up snacks and sitting on the floor and finding “appropriate” drawings for Will to color?! *dies*

Oh and the whole coming in and plopping down with the teddy bear and being all pouty when there’s no snacks?! You’re trying to kill me with cute and you’re succeeding.

sorry for putting this all here in addition to your post instead of the tags but I needed to gush and tags weren’t adequate for gushing

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