SPNColdestHits Roundup


I missed a few of these, so I wanted to put them all in one post for convenience. Feel free to reblog this @spncoldesthits

  1. Dean Is Out Of Character
    by SupernaturalMystery306
  2. 10-inch MeatLovers by fem_castielnovak
  3. Give Em Somethin’ To Talk About, Panty
    by dadstiel-n-sammy
  4. Dean’s favourite costume
    by omgishipdestiel
  5. Amen by CopaceticBrainBox
  6. Spitzenstoff von einer Hexe by Haelblazer
  7. Doctor Novak’s Journey In Seducing His Patient by SupernaturalMystery306
  8. Tea Party
    by bloodandcream
  9. Well, It IS Valentine’s Day by JiniZ
  10. Whale Tail by Whiskey-and-Denial (Powerfulweak)
  11. Black Metal & Pink Lace
    by geekkitty
  12. The Case of the Missing Panties by Mayalaen
  13. Tom and Hael’s Excellent Essosi Adventure
    by Qzil
  14. A Firm Hand
    by thedropoutandthejunkie
  15. Solitary
    by reaperlove
  16. Polar Bear New Year by Trisor (Firebog_Tour_Guide)
  17. Double Treble
  18. Pink is the Warmest Color by royalrowena
  19. Heaven Wait
    by rabidbinbadger
  20. Lucifer In Lace by Angrysouffle
  21. Can I Be Your Bitch?
  22. Folsom Prison Pastel by Soupernabturel

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