Supernatural Prompt Bookmark Account

I have an account on Pinboard set up for prompts only. I’ve been saving prompts for years, and recently I started saving every single SPNKinkMeme prompt that’s posted.

Until recently I was only using very basic tags, but from now on I’m planning on using more specific tags like I do with my fic bookmarks.

I was doing it for myself, but thought I’d share these with anybody looking for prompts. If you fill one and it really follows closely to the prompt, it would be great if you could either post it on the SPNKinkMeme post or let me know so I can link it for the OP, but if you only use the prompt as a starting point and don’t end up following it to the letter, there’s no need to notify the OP at the SPNKinkMeme.

I use these prompts as a starting point, and even if the prompt calls for a certain pairing or is top/bottom specific, I don’t pay attention to it unless I’m filling it with plans to post it on the SPNKinkMeme.

Keep in mind these are from a kink meme, and most of the posts are anonymous, which means people feel very free to go wild with kinks. These aren’t vanilla and anything goes. You have been warned.

Consider the Pinboard account a prompts resource and have fun!

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