I don’t like the expression “this thing is like this and who says differently is a liar” because a) everyone experience things in their own peculiar way, and the fact that they doesn’t share your point of view doesn’t make them a liar, and b) this sentence automatically delegitimates and sets as dishonest any opinion that doesn’t 100% coincide with the OP’s.

THIIIIIS! Yes, this.

*Reads fanfic where new tattoos are not being looked after properly, winces repeatedly*


I can’t be the be only one with cringe like reactions about this kinda thing, right, @mayalaen?

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#if you ask nicely I’ll name the fic making me cringe
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Yes! I know a lot of people don’t know how to take care of tattoos, but it’s extremely easy to research. There are TONS of different methods, but there are a few common things that are included in each method and when I see writers who didn’t even bother even though they’ve decided to write about tattoos, I cringe because I worry about my own fic and if I’ve researched what I wrote about enough – makes me wonder what I’ve fucked up 😀

The thing I see most often is actually with piercing though. In fic I almost always read where a brand new piercing is licked/sucked/pulled on. If you’re in a BDSM setting and you plan on removing the piercing, sure, do whatever you want with it (while remaining safe, sane, and consensual, of course), but if it’s a piercing to keep, just no. No.

And fics that describe a piercing done at home with the proper needles, yet they use peroxide and don’t bother with gloves or aftercare, yeah, that throws me right out of a fic. Why care about proper needles? I pierced my second holes on my earlobes with earrings – just shoved them through when I was in my 20s because I wanted second piercings but didn’t wanna pay for them. My mom and aunt both pierced their ears as kids with nails and a potato behind their ear. But to make it out like you’re doing this all safe and professionally and the only thing you have is a sterilized needle? Hehe!

I totally ranted on that one. Oops 😛

And you should probably PM me the fic. Ya know, for research purposes 😀