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I would like to announce that I am the Kitty Anon.

You are now caught in a logic trap. Am I trolling the hitters by pretending to be the Kitty Anon or am I the Kitty Anon trolling the hitters by pretending to be someone else pretending to be Kitty Anon?

If this assertion is denied on the Kitty Anon blog is that a clever attempt to cover the trail? Or a genuine denial?

If someone else claims to be the Kitty Anon are they actually the Kitty Anon or are they just adding to the chaos?

You… just…

Congratulations, you have beat me at my own fucking game. Well played well plaid.

But @holyhael isn’t even a part of this. I am sorry holyhael that you’re getting all these notifications now.

I am so confused, can somebody please tell me what’s real and what’s not? Who am I? Where am I and what am I doing here? CAn somebody please give me a hug, or a double shot of vodka?

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality.

I am a touch and affection starved kitten so I’m just going to plop into your lap and we can hug. I don’t have access to vodka right now.

this might help:

I don’t care I ’m gonna head canon @brainsforbabyjesus as the Kitty Anon. It takes a brain that wicked to do all this trolling.

Evidence that I am the Kitty Anon:

  • I have been busy the last week with a planned kitchen renovation and later in the month I’ve got a family thing to go to, which Kitty Anon did admit to “commitments in March”.
  • I first started interacting with coldest hitters and trolling them in January.
  • One of the first comments I left on coldest hits was for @reaperlove77 as Kitty Anon also said. Maybe mentioning that was a not so subtle hint. My firebog comment is right at the top.
  • I never appear to sleep so I am not restricted by time zones when it comes to sideblogs.
  • I enjoy trolling people. @rabidbinbadger would likely agree with that assessment, I think “you are bad people” were their words.

Evidence that I am not the Kitty Anon

  • I had a planned kitchen renovation in March which does not leave much time to start blogging as a new persona.
  • My comment to @reaperlove77 was not very trollish and from my own account.
  • You gotta sleep some time.

But then let’s not leave out other possibilities. It’s entirely possible that I might also be Fuck Yew from the comments of coldest hits fics (as I do like tree puns which @fancythingsandgossamerwings can attest to) or perhaps I’ve been trolling people as The Comment Bandit. Both have a similar MO as I do, spamming people with long series of comments and neither have commented on any of my fics. That sounds like the kind of dirty rotten underhanded cheating I’d do. 

Or maybe I am Reeder from the comments. They did comment on one of my fics, that would be a really good way to stop people from suspecting me.

Or maybe I was that anon that messaged the coldest hits blog that wanted Dean to get fucked by the unicorn. Weird alien-esque sex is kinda my thing.

And then, we should not disregard the fact that it’s possible that lower case “the comment bandit” is the Kitty Anon (lower case comment bandit suddenly appeared first on one of @reaperlove77 fics) and that I am in fact upper case “The Comment Bandit” and this is all an elaborate plan to reach out to Kitty Anon who extra anonymously sent that message to the coldest hits blog asking who the Comment Bandit was.

Or maybe I’ve never trolled anyone anonymously and this is an elaborate troll in and of itself.

… …