Pink is the Warmest Color by @royalrowena​ “Come here, little witch. Let me see you.” Abaddon lounged back on the bed, still fully clothed. Rowena came out of the bathroom, and Abaddon’s breath caught in her throat. Rowena was wearing a black and pink stretch fishnet chemise; pink satin garters were clipped to her thigh-high …

Fic Recs: bloodandcream

Because @bendoverandbiteyourgag aka @bloodandcream has aroused me WAY too much, I need to rec her fic. Something for everyone, lots of pairings and kinks, and don’t forget to read warnings 🙂

Quiet and Noise – Destiel+spanking

Earn It – Castiel/Hannah/Meg pegging & BDSM (I still haven’t recovered)

Shuck It – Dean/Cain (the now-famous corn-y fic)

Impulse – Abaddon/Rowena ABO/Soulmates AU

Tossed Salad – Sam/Cain

After Hours – Destiel medical kink

Sugar Sweet – Dean/Donna oral fetish

Bruised – Wincest rough sex

Those are some of my favorites, but there are TONS more, and you can read them on AO3.