Title: Three’s a crowd

Pairing: AbaddonxNaomixMeg

Rating: Mature

Wordcount: 2,730

Notes: for the SPN Femslash Bingo square used ‘AbaddonxNaomixMeg’

Stubbing out her cigarette on the side walk in front of the shop, red neon open sign lit up, Meg balanced the cardboard cup holder against her hip as she shoved the glass door open. The little bell above it tinkled announcing her presence. The black and white checkered linoleum squeaked under combat boots as she shuffled to the black painted front counter and set the coffee down. Three ventis. One black with a shot of sugar free hazelnut for Naomi. One mocha with three extra espresso shots for Abby. And her own caramel macchiato piled with whip cream.

Shoving her sunglasses up into tangled hair like a headband, Meg circled around the counter and plopped onto a red vinyl covered stool to flip through the appointment sheet for the day. Behind her, she could hear the squeak of the spritz bottle that would mean Naomi wiping down counters and work stations. The shop perpetually smelled like lemon and mint from Naomi’s obsessive cleaning. She used a home made solution that she concocted herself. The auto clave hummed in the private area that was back and to the left, opposite the office.

The clock read 12:19. Late. Not too late. Maybe. The place was deserted anyway, hardly anyone came in so early for piercings or tattoo work. The purple velvet couches that Meg had found at a thrift shop were empty, magazines on the shiny lacquered wood table stacked perfectly neat, binders of wall flash all oriented to one side.

The sharp clack-clack of heels came up behind Meg.

“You’re late.”

“At least I’m not a half an hour late.”

“But you’re still late.”

“Not too late. Plus, I have coffee.”

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I love casual, relaxed relationships like this! YES!!!