Attention all ABDLs!!!

We need a signal boost on this pronto! Rearz, the Canadian diaper company out of Ontario is attempting to trademark the term ABDL.


The term this community has used for years to identify itself and distinguish itself as a label, would no longer be allowed to be used legally outside of identifying Rearz products. They could sue any person or company attempting to use “ABDL” or derivatives to identify itself or products. They would have a huge choke-hold on the market and our community.

I’m all for free market and competition, especially in our very niche market, but, this would completely stifle the market and tie a single supplier and company to that term and label we’ve grown and developed over the years.

They have no right to it.

If there are any lawyer babies out there who can help fight this, this is a worthy cause.

@datbabbyfox @furfur-pet-monster help boost this? This is a dick move of the highest order.

Hey guys. Please take a look at this and spread it like wildfire. I’m all for competition between brands and such, but TRADEMARKING THE ACRONYM “ABDL”?! Come on, how low can you get.

I enjoy Rearz products, but I am definitely willing to not give them further support if they continue this shifty shit.

For people questioning if this is authentic or not, here’s the URL for the case:

You can get a hold of Rearz and let them know your opinion of this:


Phone: (519) 745-1000

If there was one specific ABDL company out there, Rearz would be the one from which I’d expect this kind of thing. They’ve always had a kind of “you’re just a market to us” attitude hiding just below the surface, and certain actions they take make it visible from time to time.

I’m sure they’d still have some clients even if whatever lawyer this is assigned to decided to okay it, but I’m wondering if they’ve considered the impact the reputation loss might have to their business in general. Perhaps they’re trying to follow an EA strategy of some type.

So lame…

I don’t normally do re-blogs but this seemed to important not to.

Allright, that’s no more Rearz for me. I mean, really? Claiming ABDL as a trademark? What’s next? Someone’s gonna claim ‘LGBT’ as a trademark?

Confirmed af. Rearz is basically applying for ownership of our community. A corporation. Is seeking to trademark and market. Our community. And get paid royalties for it.

Hello, I’m Baby Lex and I’m an Incontinence Product Lover/ Paraphilic Infantilism Fetishist… a PIF/IPL…

This link is from a law firm that describes how to oppose a trademark. Sadly you’ll need a lawyer to do it effectively. Hopefully someone in the community will see this and be able to help

@thepaddedprofessional @pupartemis @babiedboi can you help spread this? There’s only a two week window two file a notice of opposition from the time the process starts

@minimaxkiddo while this is only in the USA patent and trademark office, I’m sure your have a huge amount of us followers. Can you share?

This is a bit bizarre…I’d say the best people to fight against this are the guys who own Abuniverse or @awwsocuteinc. I know someone who works for Abu but I forgot his sn…anyone know someone who works there? Maybe let them know?

Please do not support rearz

Wow wtf

Reblog this

We are a community. It would be like Advocate, trademarking LGBT+. Stand strong we are a community not to be forced to buy products from Rearz. Boycott Rearz and show them our Rears of their products. 

I just found this out right now as i just finish buying some safaris. Now i feel disgusted that i got it cause this. Really how can you trademark our lives and our way of being. Something that we made into a lifestyle that is starting to be little bit acceptable in some places. Everyone who see this needs to help stop this. We need to show we a stronger as community and we sacrifice everything to earn that name.

The term ABDL is precious to all of us and is not owned by any individual company, entity, group or individual. This short-sighted move needs to be resisted and common sense will hopefully prevail!!

crashageplay: crashageplay: crashageplay: Who all is interested in participating in the Fox 🦊 Exchange this year? Would y’all mind messaging me or commenting on this post please! Yay! Sounds like we gotta a buncha peeps this year!! Soooo excited I’m gonna start contacting everyone tomorrow and the next few days about the Exchange, I know …

Lol! well that explains it. I kept waiting for you to add it. lol. Ok so it was a LucixSam abdl sexual ageplay prompt. Sam is into the ageplay, but you know Luci can be a but cruel, hehe. Diapers/diapering/wetting bottle feeding dirty talk ‘good boy/baby naughty etc’ fluff can be included, but just mainly include those, no spanking. please. Also some praise would be nice if it’s IC. :) (and Sam would be the baby, btw. ) Ok hope this sends properly now.

I’m FINALLY getting around to this. I don’t even know if anon is still
around, but recently I started writing a lot more again, and after a
long period of time where infantilism wasn’t flowing, now it is, so I
filled it. I hope you like it if you’re still around anon 🙂 

Anon originally sent an ask, but I never got it, then asked me about it and when they found out I didn’t get it, they sent the follow-up ask I’m replying to.

Check the tags below for more info. Fic below the cut.

There were toys all over the floor, and Sam was sitting in the middle of the mess, diaper crinkling as he moved.  Daddy had brought him a new toy, and Sam was busy figuring it out while Daddy warmed up a bottle.

Sam shook the toy, then smiled around the pacifier as it lit up and started playing a song.

“Does my baby boy like his new toy?” Lucifer asked as he walked into the living room.

Sam nodded and pulled his pacifier out of his mouth long enough to say, “Tank you, Daddy,” then shoved it back in.

“You hungry, little one?” Lucifer asked as he crouched down next to Sam.

Sam thought about it for a moment.  His tummy was growling, but the new toy was really fun too.  Sam finally nodded.  "Hung-gee.“

Lucifer picked him up and walked over to the couch, sitting down and draping Sam over his lap before grabbing the bottle.  "You’ve gotta get your binky out of your mouth first,” he said, holding the bottle up so Sam could see it.

Sam whined, but let Daddy take the pacifier from him.  Daddy pushed the nipple into his mouth and Sam sucked hungrily, closing his eyes as Daddy rubbed his tummy.

“Were you a good boy today?” Lucifer asked, fingertip running over the skin just above his diaper.

Sam opened his eyes, giving his daddy the cutest little puppy eyes he could manage, but Daddy was having none of it.

“Sammy?  Were you a good boy?” Lucifer asked as he pulled the tape off the right side of Sam’s diaper.

Sam squirmed on Daddy’s lap, letting out a whimper.  He’d wet the diaper while he was playing, but he hadn’t told Daddy he needed to be changed.  He hadn’t wanted to stop long enough for a diaper change.

“Were you a naughty boy?” Lucifer asked, then pulled the front flap of the diaper down.  "Oh.“

Sam pulled the bottle out of his mouth.  "Sowwy, Daddy,” he said, pouting.

“You’re supposed to tell Daddy when you wet yourself,” Lucifer said, one eyebrow arching upward, wrapping his fingers around Sam’s balls and giving them a light squeeze.

“I sowwy, Daddy,” Sam said again, just in case Daddy didn’t notice the first time, he sniffled, tears welling in his eyes as Daddy’s fingers moved down and pushed between his butt cheeks.  He gasped as Daddy’s finger pushed in dry, and as Daddy pulled on the rim, Sam felt tears run down his cheeks.

Lucifer smiled at him.  "I know you’re sorry, baby boy,“ he said.  "Sometimes babies make mistakes.”

“Uh-huh,” Sam said, nodding.

“They need their daddies to help them, don’t they,” Lucifer said as he pushed his finger in deeper.

“Uh-huh,” Sam said, pushing the bottle back into his mouth and sucking on it.  His pee-pee was getting hard, and Sam wanted his Daddy to help him with that too.

“Daddy knows just what to do to take care of his baby,” Lucifer said, the dry drag and push of his finger uncomfortable, making Sam squirm.

Sam sucked on his bottle, breathing through his nose between swallows and making little happy noises because Daddy always knew just how to make a really good bottle.  It tasted so good that Sam’s eyes started to close until Daddy found his prostate and rubbed over it.

“Daddy!” Sam yelped, hips bucking as he pulled the bottle out of his mouth.

“What, baby boy?” Lucifer asked innocently.

Sam pouted.  "Pee-pee hurts,“ he said, adding a sniffle.

"Aww, your pee-pee hurts?” Lucifer asked, pulling his finger out and wrapping his hand around Sam’s pee-pee.  "Does this make it feel better?“

Sam nodded, sucking on the bottle again and closing his eyes.  He drifted off as Daddy played with his pee-pee, and when the bottle was empty, he startled awake again.

"Hung-gee!” Sam said, holding the bottle up to Daddy.

Lucifer chuckled.  "You already had a bottle,“ he said, taking it from Sam and setting on the couch cushion to his right.

"No!” Sam said, scowling.  "Hung-gee!“

"How about we play a game?” Lucifer asked, pushing two fingers into Sam.

Sam flinched, expecting pain from dry fingers, but then he smiled, because Daddy’s fingers were sliding right in.  Sam hummed happily as Daddy stretched him.

“Daddy’s pee-pee hurts now too,” Lucifer said.

Sam reached up and ran his fingers over Daddy’s nose and cheeks.  "Owee?“ he asked, feeling bad for his Daddy.

"Yup,” Lucifer said, nodding.  "Do you want to help Daddy while Daddy helps you?“

Sam nodded.  "Uh-huh,” he said, because Sam wanted Daddy to be happy too.

Lucifer pulled his fingers out of Sam’s hole and shifted him on his lap, leaning Sam away, pulling the diaper down in the back, and slowly pushing his pee-pee into Sam’s hole.

Sam whined, reaching back to push Daddy out because he was going to fast, but Daddy held his wrist and pulled him back, Daddy’s pee-pee going deeper as Sam whined and squirmed.

Lucifer shifted Sam again, legs straddling Lucifer’s and Sam’s back to his front.

“Owee!” Sam cried as the new position pushed Daddy’s pee-pee even deeper inside him.

“Daddy will take care of you, little one,” Lucifer said as he helped Sam settle, Sam’s diaper crinkling and only secured by the tape on the left side, both flaps smushed up uncomfortably between his legs.

Sam trusted his Daddy, so when Daddy rubbed his belly with his left hand and rearranged the diaper between his legs so it was smoothed out and covering his own pee-pee, Sam relaxed.  Daddy reached under the flap of the wet diaper and wrapped his hand around Sam’s pee-pee again, this time his hand slippery like his fingers had been inside Sam’s hole.

“Feel better, baby boy?” Lucifer asked, shifting his hips slowly, back and forth as he played with Sam’s pee-pee.

“Uh-huh,” Sam said, nodding.

“Want your binky?” Lucifer asked.

Sam thought about it a moment, then shook his head and grabbed Daddy’s hand from his belly and lifted it, sucking on Daddy’s index and middle fingers.

Lucifer groaned, and Sam knew that was one of Daddy’s good sounds.  Daddy was happy with him, and Sam snuggled back against him, sucking lazily on Daddy’s fingers.

“You’re such a good boy,” Lucifer said, kissing the side of Sam’s head.

Sam closed his eyes, a little bit of drool running down his chin and Daddy’s fingers.

“Daddy’s pee-pee feels much better,” Lucifer said.  "Does your pee-pee feel better too?“

"Uh-huh,” Sam said, then pointed at the TV.  "Puppies?“

Lucifer chuckled.  "Again?”

“Pease?” Sam asked around Daddy’s fingers.

Lucifer pulled his fingers out of Sam’s mouth and grabbed the remote, turning on the DVR and starting up an old episode of Blue’s Clues.  Sam wiggled happily and grabbed Daddy’s hand, shoving Daddy’s fingers back in his mouth and sucking on them.

Sam squirmed back, clenching around Daddy’s pee-pee as Daddy played with his baby’s pee-pee.  Sam giggled at the pretty puppies on the TV, then moaned as Daddy moved his hand faster, making Sam’s pee-pee feel even better.

Sam whined, absently chewing on Daddy’s fingers as Daddy made him feel so good his pee-pee squirted into his diaper and Sam’s hips bucked forward.

“Mmm, yeah,” Daddy moaned, rubbing his nose in Sam’s hair as his own pee-pee jerked inside Sam’s hole, filling him up.  "Such a good boy for Daddy.“

"Tank you, Daddy,” Sam said around Daddy’s fingers, then yawned, sleep now that his pee-pee felt better.

“You’re welcome, baby boy,” Lucifer said, letting Sam suck on his fingers as he held the front flap of Sam’s diaper over his crotch and let Sam shift, his pee-pee sliding through the gooey stuff inside his diaper and making Sam’s pee-pee feel even better.

Sam fell asleep with his Daddy’s pee-pee inside him and Daddy’s fingers in his mouth, happy and content with his Daddy.

being a little seems great (i have never tried anything like that) but i only see people being extreme littles (with diapers and stuff) and thats not really what i want so i dunno

I prefer just bottles and pacifiers. Chocolate milk in a bottle and snuggling with a big blanky when you’ve had a really shitty week is just… YES.

I also like coloring while sucking on a pacifier. Sitting on the floor makes me feel even more little, and I put my book and crayons on the coffee table.

When I do that, all the responsibilities melt away for a while because it’s like no… I can’t do that… I’m not old enough. Go ask an adult 🙂