yeah don’t do that

Dude came in with his 1.5-year-old and she had kicked off one of her flip flops, and he was trying to get it back on in a way only assholes can do – cram it on and freak out when it doesn’t work.

She started crying because she didn’t want it on, she wanted to hold it. Crying turned to screaming like she was being murdered, and dude just insisted she put it on.

She had the other one in her other hand, but the dude didn’t even notice it, and he got so frustrated he held her down ON THE FLOOR to put the flip flop on and said, “What’s wrong with you, are you fucking retarded or something?!”

Kid was too busy screaming to hear him, but I heard him just fine and managed to NOT murder the dude.

He’s got the 1.5yo today because his wife is in the hospital popping out another kid for this asshole. He usually doesn’t have to take care of her. He’s “babysitting” his own child for two hours in between the sister-in-law and his sister taking care of her.

I can’t do much for the kid because he wasn’t flat out abusing her (we’ve got cameras so I could’ve totally turned him in had he hit or shaken her but it’s illegal to record audio). I overcharged him for every single item he bought. Passive aggressive much?

He was too busy complaining about how hard it is to take care of kids and “do you have any kids?! man it’s so hard!!“ to realize what I had done.

If he ever does anything to her in my shop, I’ll have it on camera, and I won’t hesitate even a bit to turn him in. I didn’t see any obvious signs of abuse, so maybe he was just trying to be cool because he was in a tattoo shop. Lots of people do it and it in various ways and it turns out… awful. Not that it’s an excuse, I’m just hoping for the best for this kid and a situation I have no control over. Ugh.

This day is turning out to be much longer than I thought it would be with all this bullshit going on. And the kid screaming got my sensory overload going a bit. Hopefully that’ll chill.

It really should be legal to just stab people for being assholes, ya know? Of course then the hospitals would be overrun by all the stabbings.