40+ year old men who seriously believe the young girls working at stores and restaurants are actually flirting with them just because the girls smile and are friendly are the most disgusting and terrifying things on this planet.

i keep getting messages from men over the age of 40 who were upset by this post and i’d like to sincerely thank them for proving my point so effortlessly. 

My dad and uncle have both admitted that even if a girl SMILES at them. Just smiles! Their first thought is that she’s flirting, and they constantly remind themselves with self-talk that it’s not true because of what they’ve learned over the years from really listening to women who say NOPE we’re really just being friendly and you’ll KNOW when we’re actually flirting with you.

Even though my uncle lost a lot of his filters and has issues with inappropriate behavior and impulse control issues ever since he had a traumatic brain injury 10 years ago, he STILL respects women and girls enough to not touch them inappropriately or make them uncomfortable with what he says.

So any disgusting prick who says they can’t help it or control it? Go fuck yourself with a rusty pipe.

mine is worse than yours

Ugh I get so sick of seeing posts where people compare two things and decide one is worse than the other when it’s a subjective thing.

Just because you’ve decided THING is worse than someone else’s THING, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Pain, trauma, and abuse is subjective.

Subjective = based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. That means everyone reacts to things differently and it’s different for each individual. That’s part of what makes everyone human.

If you get a sliver in your finger and you think nothing of it, yet your friend gets one and has a meltdown, cries, and needs a pain pill for it, it’s worse for your friend no matter how insignificant it seems to you and no matter how silly you think their reaction is.

And in the end, who the fuck cares? If someone is hurting, what gives you the right to minimize it, no matter what THING is?!

I’m fat, and yet I haven’t been teased or shamed throughout my life for it. But a friend I grew up with who was super skinny was constantly ridiculed over how skinny she was by kids at school. She also lived in constant fear because her grandmother physically and verbally abused both she and her mother because “the two of you eat me out of house and home and yet you’re still skinny?! There’s something wrong with the both of you!” as she was literally beating them.

Your experience isn’t the law. You don’t speak for everyone. Your experience is just your experience, and to enforce that on others when you have no idea what they’ve been through is sick.

You have no right to say one is worse than the other and your “facts” are meaningless.

replied: What the absolute fuck? I mean, here I am bitching about
Tumblr when I apparently forgot why I never use Facebook anymore. It’s
fucking cancer. 

comment and tags are too real. People don’t speak up because of asshats
in that post and comments. People don’t speak up because abusers with
power have more respect and trust than someone with, well, little to no
power for lack of a better word. The “if it’s even true” comment is
pretty fucking sickening

Lovely, eh? My mom brought this one to my attention. She was so furious she was shaking. It’s a friend she’s had since they were kids and recently they got in touch again via Facebook.

My mom doesn’t usually contact old friends, but my dad is… a HUGE pain in the ass with this. He contacts people all the time, tells them to contact my mom, and then people want to visit and be friends and… my mom and I are so antisocial and would really appreciate it if he quit it. Ugh.

So yeah my mom’s really pissed about this. In the tags I’m talking about my grandma, btw.  There’s A FUCKTON of sexual abuse on both sides of my family in the past. However, there’s a big lack of abuse in the most recent generations on both sides because the generation before mine was sick of it and started speaking up about it. Suddenly there’s no more problems when the kids are taught about abusers and the parents actually BELIEVE the children and keep an eye on them and keep them as far from the known abusers as possible!

My mom wants to drop the rapist uncle bomb on her “friend” SO FUCKING BAD. I told her to go ahead. What’s the worst that happens? The woman doesn’t contact her anymore? That’s a good thing!

But that woman is undergoing chemo for aggressive cancer (she’s 6 weeks into an 8-week course and they had to stop for a few weeks because she’s too sick to continue), and my mom has more guilt issues, compassion, and empathy than I do 😀

replied to your post “@unforth-ninawaters
replied to your post “@unforth-ninawaters

Oh gooood no on a 6 yo? Even if he thinks he wants it at that age that’s just too young! I was a really pain averse kid and my first piercings were constantly infected cause, well, I was a kid and didn’t take proper care. Even with that they were open for like six years, and I accidentally repierced them by hand my senior year of hs cause I wanted to wear earrings and didn’t realize they’d healed. The holes are still visible but not through-and-through. I didn’t return

She showed me her 9-year-old who was at about 0 gauge and said “we had those done!” And it’s like… well perhaps you were in a shitty place that allows people do to that to kids. *shrug*  She wasn’t happy.

I don’t think any of the kids were really into it. They were kinda meh about the whole thing instead of “But I really wanted that!!”

@unforth-ninawaters said:
to circumcision…as soon as I read up even a little I was like no way
never doing that to my son’s if I have them (and then of course I did
so). To my surprise my mom was really upset at first, “if he doesn’t
have a brist and a circumcision he’s not Jewish” from the woman who
doesn’t keep kosher and skips major holidays cause she doesn’t feel like
it. I flat out said I didn’t care, though, and she eventually got used
to the idea. And its been fine. Easy.
No dick cheese.

*I* know that. Plenty of other people know that. You know that. I was in the medical field for YEARS and told her that penises are actually more healthy with the extra skin they were FUCKING BORN WITH and they have more sensation, less chance of getting STDs, etc. She didn’t wanna hear any of it.

Her son’s foreskin was tight and the opening wasn’t big enough to pull back and expose the head, so she was freaking out. I told her it was okay, penises can take care of themselves, and the hole would get bigger as he got older. It was a no-go.

They messed up the circumcision and he’s got kind of a little bump on the one side. Thankfully it didn’t take away sensation in that area, but it just irks me people do this to their kids even though it’s healthier to leave it AND there’s more sensation in the penis AND the surgery itself is traumatic. Then there’s the people who do it for “aesthetics.” Like really?! Fuck you. It’s a penis. It’s fine!