Thank you! See, now I totally agree with this! Blue food has this otherworldly feel to it, and it almost feels like you’re eating something straight from the chocolate factory from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Some people just don’t agree with me. It’s their loss 😛

and a way for me to torment them

My mom just had a seizure, and she’s lying in bed, really out of it. Here’s the conversation.



Mom: You should be around other people.

Me: Who do you want me to be around?

Mom: People who aren’t dead.

Me: Okay.

In response to your tags: If you look in your local newspaper, or online, there’s weekly/bi-weekly groups you can attend with things you might be interested in.

#does anybody know where I can find  #some live people to be around  #so my mom can stop worrying  #because apparently I’m hanging out  #with dead people all the time  #medical issues  #not spn  #real life  

^ Those tags? I was just joking 🙂

But thank you!! <3

There are probably some very nice places to go for support, but I don’t really feel the need for support. We joke about stuff and complain to each other.

My tags were sarcastic because of what she said. I have no idea what she’s thinking about sometimes when she comes up with stuff like that. It’s just her brain on tilt for a while because of seizures. I just find a lot of the stuff she says funny, especially because she’s so serious as she’s saying it and acts like what she’s telling me is so very important. I think it’s cute too 🙂