schizophrenic Castiel headcanon

  • Always. Wears. The. Same. Outfit. no matter what the weather’s like
  • never seems to get pop culture references
  • until he slays you with a dry sarcastic bURN!
  • but it doesn’t even look like he gets his own joke
  • prefers quiet one-on-one conversations or small groups
  • blank or minimally-expressive face
  • resting seriousintense face
  • Angel Radio (yeah sure he SAYS it’s what all angels hear)
  • socially awkward is an understatement
  • personal space issues – he’s either inappropriately close or inappropriately far away while speaking to you
  • blunt and at times overly honest
  • time means very little to him
  • odd posture
  • has he EVER taken a shower?
  • sneaks up on people without meaning to and can’t understand why he’s startled them
  • either he doesn’t look at you or he looks INTO YOUR SOUL
  • rarely smiles
  • never sleeps
  • he’s totally speaking “Enochian” and not word salad or a made-up language only he knows
  • VERY easily recognizes patterns and symbols
  • empathy? nope. compassion? YES! But only those who deserve it.
  • is convinced his actual size is comparable to the Chrysler building

ultrafacts: (Fact Source/more info: [x]) Follow Ultrafacts for more facts I wonder if the tiny muscular movements happen when shizophrenics hear hallucinations. It’s technically all “inner voice” but I don’t know if it would affect the body the same as consciously thinking about something.

schiz·o·phre·ni·a/skitsəˈfrēnēə,ˌskitsəˈfrenēə/a psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as delusions), perception (as hallucinations), and behavior

bad news good news

The bad news is I’ve had a twitch in my left eyelid for about a week now. I know it’s nerves and I need to get myself back on track, but I have things to do, damn it!

Last night I went to the supermarket, and stupid me didn’t put my headphones in right away. There was a 6-year-old screaming her head off, kicking and punching her father and 8-year-old brother in the store.

I got away from them and got the headphones in, but she was so ridiculous I could hear her even with the headphones in. She didn’t stop until about 5 minutes before I was done shopping (but I shop fast and was in and out in under 20 minutes).

Since then my left lower lid has joined in on the twitching, and it’s so fucking annoying! >:(

My uncle and his wife already took the shop Wednesday for me because I had trouble with all sounds echoing (which usually means I’m headed for a psychotic episode if I don’t do something about it) and the twitch was bad on Wednesday, but I still have to get through today and tomorrow before I can start my weekend. Hopefully it’ll be slow here.

The good news is my mom’s out-of-town friend is staying at the house this weekend. This woman is awesome and gives my dad such a hard time he stays in his room the whole time she’s there. It’s also an excuse for my mom to sit at home and do nothing instead of overworking herself and getting worn out, so YAY!!

The friend also loves horror movies and is making us pizza tonight – pizza that my mom can eat even with the cancer diet!! 😀

psych doc: when did you know counseling wasn’t for you?

me: when a fly flew in the window during a session and my counselor turned to it, told “him” to get out because “he” didn’t belong here, and when the fly just happened to fly back out the window, she told me in all seriousness animals understood and obeyed her

i realized all of us are fucked in the head and if i’m doing fine on my own, there’s no reason to pay a fly wrangler to listen to my problems