Title: I’ll Be Watching You
Link: AO3
Square Filled: Voyeurism
Ship: Adam/Gadreel
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Top/dom Adam, Bottom/sub Gadreel, spanking, belt spanking, voyeurism, come eating
Every so often, Adam will drop by the bunker to see Sam and Dean.
Gadreel has a hard time keeping his eyes off the youngest brother.

Word Count: 3279
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo

Notes: This was also written for @thedropoutandthejunkie. <3 Title from Every Breath You Take by The Police.

Tagging: @zzzett


Life in the bunker was interesting.

There was Dean, who was one gust of
wind away from falling off the ledge of his humanity, fingers always
twitching for the First Blade, eyes narrow with distrust as he
watched every move Gadreel made.

There was Sam, trying so hard to be
diplomatic and even to accept the angel’s mistakes, but unable to
look past the death of Kevin.

There was Castiel, the one who
convinced him to join their cause in the first place. Always in and
out of the bunker, sometimes spending the night in Sam and Dean’s
room, sometimes coming specifically to talk to Gadreel. His hatred
for the other angel had worn away beneath the weight of
understanding—Gadreel sensed that Castiel had made some grave
mistakes of his own, and he seemed to have a somewhat more forgiving
nature than the brothers.

And then there was Adam.

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This was awesome!!