hand foot and mouth disease, anyone?

AC, AC’s husband, and Addy all have it. A kid in Andre’s class had it – Andre was sent home with a letter about it a few weeks back.

I *really* hope none of us get this. I don’t know what I’d do with the shop, and I can’t close it for several weeks. Artists are too fickle to close it for even a few days.

We told AC there’s no way in hell we’re taking Addy for several weeks. Apparently you can still be contagious for a few weeks after your symptoms are gone.

AC is just enough of an asshole that she cares more about getting a break from the baby than the health of me and my customers. She claims Addy doesn’t have it, which is pretty much impossible if both of her parents have it and she’s living in a small trailer and sleeping with them in bed.

that didn’t go as planned but it was still fun

Addy stayed up here overnight Sunday/Monday, so at around 6pm, we packed her up in the van along with my mom and my aunt, and we all headed down to AC’s trailer.

Two thirds of the way there, the van overheated. I pulled down a side street and shut the van off. It was already smoking, and I was surprised it went so fast. It was VERY close to blowing the motor, but the other times vehicles have done that on me, it didn’t happen THAT quickly. There was a warning, and as long as I shut off the air conditioner and didn’t stress the motor, we were able to get home. Not this time.

My mom got out of the van with Addy and they walked around and played with toy cars on the blacktop. Addy loves being outside, so she was having a blast.
Thankfully it wasn’t SUPER hot today. It was only about 100 degrees out when we pulled over.

We got a hold of my dad and he drove over with a big old jug of water, but once he got there and started filling the reservoir, it just leaked right back out like a hose.

So we called a tow truck (since my uncle wasn’t answering his phone), and while my dad and my aunt waited in the van, I took Addy and my mom in dad’s truck and took Addy the rest of the way home. We got back about 15 minutes before the tow truck got there, and my dad rode in the tow truck with the driver while I took my mom and aunt in dad’s truck.

After that we picked up my dad, who had to roll around in the back of his truck because his truck only rides 3 in the seat, and we took him home. My dad is a really skittish back seat driver, so I drove slower and more cautiously than I normally do, so it took longer to get home, but at least he didn’t whine at me.

We hadn’t eaten yet, and all three of us were SO HUNGRY, so we went to Village Inn for breakfast-for-dinner. There was nobody else there besides the cook, the waitress, and the waitress’ 5-year-old, who was shadowing her mom everywhere in between coloring at a table across the dining area.

I just got home about 20 minutes ago, so all in all, taking Addy home took over 6 hours when it should’ve only taken 45 minutes.

But it was fun. We all had a good time and were laughing about it. Addy thought we took her to the park to play with her cars and was laughing and having a great time.

I just hope the van doesn’t have something big wrong with it. I’m hoping a water plug popped (since we had that work done two weeks ago and all new parts put into the system for the radiator and water pump system). If it’s a cracked engine block – which is the OTHER reason for water draining straight out of the van and onto the ground – it means we’ll have to look for a new vehicle. Well, not new. New vehicles are insanely expensive. We’ll have to look for a new-to-us vehicle, which is always a pain here in the summer time, but oh well. Hopefully it’s just the water plug.

i maaay have taught addy the “what are those?!” thing


And now her parents are Not Happy.

I think it’s hilarious to see a kid under 2 years old pulling that on her own brother, and if they didn’t want me teaching her stupid shit, they should’ve raised her themselves, so there 😛

If AC bothered to remember, I also taught HER several things her parents didn’t like when we were little, including the most annoying sound in the world, which yeah, they really didn’t like that.

today was Not Good


And I really would like to distract myself, but if I whine about it first, that should help a little so here goes.

I’m going to put it under a cut because it’s really long and there’s ISSUES under there that not everybody would want to read.

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5. the one slightly bright note about this day

was that
after Charlie and Marissa left, my mom and I were talking about what
we’d like done about the shop situation, and we’re usually in agreement.
We were joking about just saying “we’re done” and walking away, letting
Charlie and Marissa try to take it over. They’d fall flat on their face
because they don’t know how to run the POS, all the connections with
distributors are mine, and even if I gave them the passwords and all the
info I currently have, they wouldn’t be able to learn it all before
they ran the business into the ground.

I smiled and said that
would be a relief. To just walk away and tell them they can’t call me
for help or anything. Then I mentioned how beautiful Montana is. How the
cost of living is cheaper there. How we could get a big gorgeous house
for half the price of our current house.

My mom got a grin on her face and said, “So why don’t we do it?”

I was like BWUH?!

shrugged. “Why not? Your dad would probably be up for it. The three of
us don’t like this city anyway. I mean we’d really miss our house
because we love it, but wouldn’t it be worth it to be rid of the rest of
the family?”

I’ve never heard her talk like that before. I always
assumed if I moved away, it would have to be alone because there’s no
way in hell my mom and dad would ever think of moving, which also keeps
me here because I feel obligated to take care of them. All three of us
moving means I can still take care of them.

I still couldn’t
believe she was serious, but she was like “No, really. What would we
have to do here before you’d feel comfortable to move?”

I said I
want the money from the sale of the shop, And she asked how much I
thought I could get for it. I told her an amount, but that it would be
ten times that amount if we finished the construction, got the online
store + shipping up and running, and opened a small second store on the
other side of town – not including another tattoo shop, just a small
place for a second supply shop.

“And that’s all we have to do to
get TEN TIMES more for the place?” she asked. When I said I’m pretty
sure, she shrugged again and said, “So we should work toward that.”

don’t know if she’ll change her mind tomorrow, but she’s not a flighty
type of person. She doesn’t say stuff like that lightly.

of the mental issues, I have a hard time imagining a future different
than what I’ve got. I tend to live in the now, and if something is
awful, I can’t see a way out of it. It’s always been like that despite
my family trying to help me with it. But even a small sliver of hope
that this might not be what I have to deal with for the rest of my life
makes my chest feel just a little lighter.

Dunno if anything will come of it, but it’s a nice thing to fall asleep imagining instead of crying myself to sleep 🙂