Anon Request: Dinosaurs and Cough Syrup


Anon Request: I really wanna read something cute and fluffy with baby dean (infantilism) maybe even sick dean? I like either cas or sam as the ‘daddy’ but it can be someone else. I prefer non-sexual, as for the ‘setting’ I don’t prefer one over another, although I did enjoy Mr. Kitty’s New Friend 🙂 I also like it when a bit of the Adultness shines through like deans aware of what’s happening but he needs it ya know?

Warnings/Tags:  Infantilism/adult baby Dean, cold/fever/sick Dean, diapers, cough syrup, pouting and moody Dean, caretaker Sam.  There is nothing sexual in the fic.

Alternate Link:  AO3

Wondering what I’m doing? See my original post about my Ask Box Requests.

A/N to Anon:  I hope you like this and heading into the weekend you have better days 🙂  Stay anon as long as you want, and feel free to send more requests <3

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