what would you say makes a tattoo fade well? I see pictures of tattoos years later and the colors become less vibrant, the lines become less sharp, and the magenta seems to leave the skin altogether. What would you say are the most important things to keep in mind for it to still look good decades out?

I apologize for the long wait. I was super busy when you sent this ask, I put it in my drafts, and then forgot to reply.

Most of the responsibility for tattoo fade falls on the artist and the canvas (the person getting the tattoo). Bad equipment accounts for some of it too, but a good artist shouldn’t have bad equipment 🙂

If the artist uses bad ink, doesn’t know how to put it ink in right, or doesn’t line things well or shade/blend well, the tattoo will fade. Artists who don’t know how to put ink into different skin types and tones are to blame for a lot of fading too.

If the canvas doesn’t take good care of the tattoo, it will definitely fade. Keeping a tattoo, no matter how old it is, out of the sun is the best way to keep it vibrant. If you can’t avoid the sun, put sunscreen on the tattoo – at least SPF30. There are even products out there with sunscreen in them specifically made for tattoos, like several products from Inkeeze and H2Ocean.

The healing process is very important as well, which is why I’ve started using Saniderm exclusively when I get tattoos, and we include it in the price of a tattoo at my shop because we insist our customers use it. That way we don’t have to depend on the customer to take care of the tattoo because most people don’t care for tattoos the way they should.

Exposing your skin to harsh chemicals will also hurt the tattoo. Latex glove use after you’ve gotten hand tattoos will do a lot of damage to them, as will excessive washing, washing with antibacterial soap or harsh cleaners, and letting your skin get too dry.

Something else a canvas needs to do is listen to the artist. I can’t tell you how many times my artists and I have tried to talk people into slightly thicker lines, and we try very hard to talk people out of tattoos with NO linework.

The linework is very important. If the linework isn’t there or is too thin, your tattoo WILL fade, and once it fades, it’s much more difficult to get it touched up without good linework in place.

“Watercolor” tattoos are notorious for this, and people insist on them, then come back and try to blame the artist when the tattoos fade.

Because tattoos are under several layers of skin, your tattoo will fade and spread a bit. It’s just what happens. But if you’ve got a good artist and you take care of your tattoo, it’ll hold up much better. I’ve got tattoos on my chest that were done 17 years ago with bad ink, but they’re still very vibrant because the artist knew what he was doing and I’m never out in the sun.

In the last 10-15 years, tattoo ink has really improved. Even bad tattoos being done right now will probably stand the test of time just because the ink is THAT good now.

Hopefully your tattoos will stand the test of time too 🙂




Therapists are just…. Common sense filters

Me: yeah so I just don’t have the energy to get up and make myself a sandwich or wait for something to cook so I just. Don’t

Her: why don’t you just eat the sandwich components without putting them together


Her: you can just eat a handful of cheese and some sandwich meat. You don’t have to make a sandwich.


Me: what

You dont have to make the sandwitch

dealing with people who are spacing out




-hit them
-yell at them
-wave in their face in excess

-say their name once or twice
-tap them gently
and if they don’t respond,
-wait patiently for them to snap back into reality

this still applies yo

if it doesn’t subside and it’s not a normal thing for them, it might be more than just zoning out and you should take them to a doctor

oh look it’s me when i go into the catatonic phase of schizophrenia

yeah hitting, yelling, waving does nothing and neither does the other stuff so if you see someone who doesn’t respond to any of that, get them help

This is random but funny,two of my main delusions became memes. The fbi thing and know the simulation thing and it’s great, it’s helping me defeat them. With the fbi it turned into who cares if they are watching,all they is me eating,lip syncing passionately to my fav songs,probably jerking off and who fucking cares? Not me. The same with the simulation,I find it so funny to just blame random things on it. I trip, the simulation is broken. It’s helped so much that it’s become a joke.


Coping through memes! You’re an inspiration!

Same 😀

I’ve found it’s best to laugh at my issues because it makes them less scary. I’ve dealt with them all my life, and my family raised me to take it all in stride and see the funny when possible.

I can’t tell you how much this has helped me!