Title: tea and a bath

Pairing: Sastiel

Rating: Mature

Wordcount: 1,677

Notes: for the SPN kink bingo square used ‘Aftercare’

Long, deft fingers gently stroke through his hair, brushing it back from his forehead where it’s stuck to his skin with sweat.

Sam takes a deep breath in. Holds it. Blows it out through his lips.

They sting.

Still tingling and swollen, when he purses his lips, he twitches at the sharp burst of pain. Everything else is still out of focus. At a distance. He’s not entirely aware of the boundaries of his body. But there are fingers parting his hair and the tickle of his own breathe ghosting past a busted lip.

Cas is humming something, barely, kept under his breath. The song isn’t familiar to Sam, but it’s comforting. Head cradled on a warm thigh, Sam burrows further into the crease of Cas’ hip. Pulling one hand out from underneath his side, it flops uselessly for a moment until Sam gets the feeling back. Red rope lines snake over his wrist in deep gouged imprints, tingling like his lip as feeling comes back.

The sound of the rope passing through itself is a whisper as Cas twists it around, pulls it tight, straightens it with a finger beneath as he pulls, loops, pulls. Sam’s arms are wound tighter behind his back until he’s tied up from wrist to elbow and his forearms are pressed together. Chest bowed out. Knees on the cold tile floor. Cock already at attention.

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Love this!

The sensory descriptions in this are amazing. Not just the italicized parts, but throughout the whole thing! And all the feels!!! Yesssss 🙂


Same verse as this, maybe? 

Dean’s body is aching. Arms and legs’ muscles are sore, wrists a little stiff, and his throat feels dry, but what, well, plain hurts is his ass. 
It burns, mostly, and Dean kind of wants to reach back and scratch at it; he would, even though it’s a bad idea, if only his face wasn’t buried in the soft, soft pillow below his head, and he wasn’t so sleepy and so sated and relaxed. 
His fingers twitch, but he just doesn’t have the energy to move. Despite his body, everything is so comfortable
The mattress dips on his right side, and he thinks about cracking an eye open to see why, but he gets distracted by a yawn. 
Something brushes his damp bangs off his forehead, and then continues up, threading slowly through his hair, massaging his scalp. Dean could moan.
Maybe he does, because someone hums in response, low and familiar. 
“How are you feeling, beloved?“ 
Dean smiles in his pillow, shaking his head lightly just to feel Cas’ touch more.
He doesn’t want to talk yet, so he makes an effort and reaches out to pat blindly at Cas. His palm collides softly with something and Cas’ laugh is quiet and lovely. 
"Message received. I’m going to put some balm on your back, okay? Just nod if it is." 
Dean almost remarks that Cas has just paddled him purple but he still won’t say the word ass after their plays, but he still isn’t big on the idea of talking just yet. 
He likes to communicate with gestures and glances sometime, after a scene: words are too structured, too tiring, a little overwhelming. 
He raises his head a bit to nod; Cas’ hold tightens for a moment in his hair, keeping him there, then turns gentle again and guides him back down. Dean shivers and grins. 
He still hasn’t opened his eyes, so he listens to Cas shuffling around on their bed and the sound of a cap opening, the rustling of the sheets and the creaks of the wood. It’s relaxing in all the best ways. 
"I’m starting,” comes Cas’ soft warning, and Dean lets the initial sting of the balm wash over him instead of bracing himself for it. It only lasts a moment anyway, and while it’s not good, per se, it’s not totally unpleasant either. He would make him squirm after a less intense scene, when he still had some energy left. 
Cas’ methodical caresses relax him further. He sinks into the mattress, listening to Cas’ humming; it’s not a definite song, just random tunes that guide him on the verge of sleep. 
He abruptly comes back to consciousness when Cas’ fingers brush his hole. Dean thinks that maybe it’s been an accident, but Cas keeps going there again and again, and that’s when Dean remembers that, yeah, he got spanked there too, although not much. 
It’s also starting to feel good. Dean is a bit more rested, so he manages to muster the strength to wriggle his ass and push a bit into the touch. 
Cas snorts behind him. 
“Are you feeling less tired, Dean?" 
"A little,” Dean answers, voice rasped. 
“Good. Ah, no,” Cas says, pushing Dean’s hips back down with a hand on the small of his back, when Dean half-heartedly tries to raise them, “the balm would sting too much if I put my fingers in you." 
Dean accepts the explanation and goes boneless once again. He doesn’t really want to come – it would be too overwhelming at this point, too much. But the stimulation would still be nice. 
Cas finishes with the balm and puts it away, then rubs his fingers on the still wet towel he’s used to clean Dean before. He supports Dean’s weight while he makes him drink a glass of water – Dean doesn’t like the taste juice leaves in his mouth after a while – and makes sure he doesn’t fall on his face when he’s done. 
Dean scots a little over, just a little, more he can’t do, when Cas comes to bed, and drapes himself over his side once Cas is lying next to him, warm, naked, and his.
Cas holds him, rubbing his nose in Dean’s hair and peppering his face of kisses, drawing patterns on his shoulders that almost tickle but not quite.
"You didn’t come,” he observes. “Would you like to? You’ve definitely earned it." 
"Nah,” Dean answers, settled and comfortable. “But I kinda want your fingers in my ass." 
"You got ‘em,” Cas answers in a serious voice, which makes Dean laugh, and he can feel Cas’ grin against his forehead. 
Cas makes sure to clean the area around Dean’s hole a bit, to avoid getting any balm in, and then, slowly, he pushes his fingers inside.
Dean moans a little, contentedly, and hugs Cas tighter. He pushes his head in the crock of Cas’ neck and closes his eyes, ready to drift off for a bit. 
“Love you,” he mumbles, with a tiny kiss on Cas’ throat. 
“I love you, too, beloved. My amazing, amazing Dean." 
It’s a good day to be happy.

Mmmmmmm… that was nice! Great follow-up to the last one!

So have you been watching me when I’m in recovery mode after being the sub in a scene? Because damn this is so much like me! Not talking, don’t care if I’ve come or not (in fact if it’s a really good scene I don’t want to come), just wanting someone inside me even if it’s just fingers for the contact, don’t wanna open my eyes, and I get a whole lot more mushy and even say some romantic shit 😀

I loved this addition! Awesome fic 🙂