i keep forgetting to screenshot accomplishments


I keep making it to the #1 spot on Agar.io and hitting other accomplishments on other games and forget to screenshot/share 🙁

I just made it to #2 on Agar.io Experimental without teaming with anyone. Almost made it to #1, but an annoyingly small guy (who wasn’t teamed up with anyone BTW, so he had no reason to do it other than he just wanted to) came up and burst me while I was just about to take over #1, so I was right by #1 and #1 ate me.

If you’re playing Agar.io and you’ve named yourself something like Supernatural or Castiel, and you happen to notice that someone from the other team isn’t eating you even though they’ve had every opportunity to do so, it’s probably me.

I can’t eat you!!