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uh, to respond to the blatant ageism of the…

The best part to me is the fact that a lot of these whiners act like they know so much about technology when a good amount of them have no idea how to code, build a computer, etc. They were born into it, but a lot of them have used extremely user friendly versions of technology.

Guess who built the computer/device they’re using. Guess who came up with the code those devices run on. Guess who could reinstall the OS on the system they’re using. Guess who could purposely fuck with their device through WiFi and brick it so they can’t use it and they’d never figure out what the hell happened to it.

This isn’t a blanket statement. There are a lot of kids out there who have a really good grasp of the inner workings and who could blow me right out of the water with technology, but just like I’m not considering mine a blanket statement, a blanket statement shouldn’t be used to describe old farts.

I had my ass handed to me by a 64-year-old computer programmer when I was only 23 and reinstalling windows for the 8 millionth time. I did something stupid, couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and he just walked up, hit the down arrow, then hit enter (choosing a different option in CMD than I had been choosing), and BAM the problem was fixed.

I felt really stupid, but it changed my view of technology and age.