Deep breath

Dear Tumblr

Fandom is not just for 20 and 30 year olds.

Because of us older bitches a03 exists. You’re welcome.

Enough of the agism crap

Fandom did not start when you were 14

Fandom will be here long after you graduate.


Disgruntled Den Mom

(I don’t normally get annoyed but today I just saw a post that made me want to bitch slap someone)

Older ones are the ones who are able to pay for the very expensive servers with their donations.

Fandom grandmas and grandpas who started way back when Star Trek TOS aired built the foundation and continue to work hard for all the awesomeness we have today. And it’s not just AO3. There’s cons and giveaways and websites and legal battles, etc.


I get so annoyed by that reblog if you’re over 20 and still write fanfiction post.  I didn’t even discover fanfiction until I was 32.  Why do only kids get to have all the fun?  Like, I don’t ever remember thinking that when I was young.  But then again, I started hanging out with people in their 30s and 40s when I was 18, and I learned how to party from people old enough to be my parents.  I witnessed first hand that grownups know all the best ways to have fun.  

I’m still friends with some of them 20 years later.  They have grandchildren now.  And also still get together for parties, and live their drama like they’re in college.  I love them, and I hope I’m still that awesome someday 🙂

I’ve been grumbling about kids getting off my lawn since I was in my mid 20s 😛

But yeah, I didn’t discover fanfic until… I think 23? And some of he bestest fic writers, writers that I’ve followed for YEARS, were much older than me.

I think the oldest one I followed was in the Star Trek fandom and back when I first found fanfic, she was already in her early 60s, and that’s 15 years ago. I don’t know if she’s still around, but I still read her fic 🙂

Another one was in the X-Files fandom and was in her 50s. Most of the X-Files and Stargate writers I found were at least in their late 30s and early 40s. Supernatural has a lot of young people in the fandom – surprisingly a lot of them compared to other fandoms, in my experience.

Fandom grandmas and grandpas are who built the groundwork for what we have today, and I’ve always appreciated them, especially when I know how hard they had it with lack of internet and then when the internet did start to become a thing, they had to deal with intolerance and ridicule.

I don’t care how old or young somebody is, if they’re fun to be around and create things I want to consume, I want them around.

Age itself is irrelevant and a social construct 😛