Daddy!Dean and Little!Sam
TW: Daddy!Kink, Blood, wincest.
(No specific age, can read this in any age you’d like)

Sam wasn’t sure what he was doing but he some how managed to bite his lip hard enough to make it bleed. He whined “ouch” and put his finger to his bottom lip.

Dean was sitting across from Sam and looked up from his book, “What did you do?” He asked him with a small smile, he saw the blood forming on his baby brothers bottom lip.

“I bit my lip…and it hurts.” Sam whined, “Daddy, will you kiss it and make it better?” He asked coyly. He could feel his cheeks heating up from embarrassment. He was still to shy to refer to Dean as ‘Daddy’ but Dean likes it, and so does he, he’ll just have to push his shyness away.

“Of course. Come here.” 

Sam got up from his seat and walked over to his older brother, Dean wiped the blood from his lip with his thumb. Sam flinched a bit and Dean shook his head smiling before leaning in and kissing Sam’s boo boo. “Does it feel better now, baby boy?” He asked.

“Yes. Thank you…daddy.” 

“You’re welcome.” Dean hushed before kissing him again. 

Awww, very sweet!

Can you please write a non-sexual infantilism of baby!sam, daddy!dean and daddy!cas please?


I’ll add it to my list.  As you may have noticed, I have a thing for non-sexual infantilism, so THANK YOU 😀

Tags/Warnings: No obvious pairings, but Dean/Castiel if you want to read it that way, non-sexual infantilism/age play, diapers, baths, fluff, bottles, baby!Sam, Daddy!Dean, Daddy!Castiel
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Title: Bottles and Baths

Daddy makes him a warm bottle downstairs while Papa gets his bath
ready upstairs.  Sam chews on his fist as he waits patiently, naked on
the bathroom mat and peering into the tub.  Papa knows just how much
bubble bath to put in, and Sam grins as Papa adds some toys to the

“Uh?” Sam grunts.

“C’mon, kiddo,” Papa says as he picks Sam up and settles him in the water before kneeling just outside the tub.

“Fishy!” Sam says, holding up his squeezy fish.

smiles, green eyes sparkling with love and amusement.  "Yeah, that’s
your fishy.  Did you see what Daddy got you?“ he asks as he points to
the corner of the tub enclosure.

Sam gasps when he sees it.  
"Puppy!” he nearly squeals, reaching out and grabbing his new squeazy
toy and hugging it to his chest.

“Don’t forget to say thank you to Daddy when he comes up here,” Papa says.

“‘K,” Sam says, then introduces his puppy to his fishy.

picks up the shampoo and starts to wash Sam’s hair.  Papa’s better at
it than Daddy is because Daddy’s been doing it for much longer.  Daddy
even did it back when Sam was a baby, not a big boy like he is now.  
Papa never gets the soap in his eyes even if Sam’s playing with his

“Head back, Sammy,” Papa says.

Sam does as he told and
squeezes his eyes shut because you can never be too careful.  Papa
rinses Sam’s hair, then gives Sam a kiss on the top of his head to let
him know he’s done.

“Good boy,” Papa says, then grabs Sam’s turtle squeezy toy and uses it to kiss Sam’s neck, making kissy noises.

giggles, putting his chin to his chest because it tickles when Papa
does that.  Sam holds his new puppy up to Papa’s cheek and makes kissy
noises as he touches the puppy’s face to Papa’s skin.

Papa gasps.  "I get puppy kisses?“ he asks, smiling.

"Yeah,” Sam says, nodding.

“Your bottle’s ready, little one,” Daddy says from the doorway, holding the bottle up.

“You hungry, kiddo?” Papa asks.

“Uh-huh!” Sam says, nodding, then he holds up his new toy and smiles at Daddy.  "Tank you.“

Daddy grins.  "You’re welcome.”

gives his new puppy and his fishy each a kiss before setting them on
the edge of the tub.  Papa unplugs the drain and Sam holds his hands up
in the air as the water goes down the hole.

“There’s our big boy,” Papa says, wrapping a fluffy towel around Sam and lifting him out.

snuggles up to Papa.  Papa’s strong.  He can carry Sam around the
house.  Daddy can too, but that’s because he’s got special stuff inside
him that makes him look pretty and glowy when anything outside the house
gets scary.

Papa sets Sam down on the changing table and gets him into a diaper while Daddy picks out some pajamas.

“How about these?” Daddy asks, holding up some pajamas that are white with blue and yellow stars all over them.

“Yeah!” Sam says.

Papa puts his pajamas on, then lifts him off the table.  "Okay, Daddy, sit down and I’ll put Sammy on you for his bottle.“

sits down on the sofa, scooting to one side so Sam’s butt can rest on
the seat while his head is cradled in Daddy’s lap.  Daddy holds the
bottle up for him and runs his fingers through Sam’s hair while Papa
sits down on the other end of the couch and puts Sam’s legs over his

Sam closes his eyes, happy and content as his Papa and Daddy
both gently caress him and Papa tells a story about fairies and space
ships and corn fields.  Sam’s asleep before they put him into his crib.

How To Get Your Brother Out of a Spanking (Results May Vary)




I got a writing prompt a little bit ago: Ooh you should write a ficlet where daddy Cas is spanking Sammy and little dean hates hearing Sammy get spanked and tries to get Cas to stop even though Sammy deserves it! It’s okay if you can’t! Thanks! Xoxo

I’ve been workin on this bit by bit, and it’s finally done! It’s been ages since I wrote anything, so let me know how it is. This ficlet takes place in the swingsetverse. 🙂 

“Owwww! Daddyyy!” Sammy wailed from the living room. 

Dean winced. He knew he should do as Daddy said, and keep eating his lunch like a good boy. But hearing his little brother getting a spanking, his stomach was in knots. He lifted up his fork, but couldn’t seem to take another bite.

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