Jensen’s hair has totally been dyed

So has Jared’s. I remember some con somewhere he mentioned it and it kinda pissed me off. I mean, the characters Sam and Dean live a harsh lifestyle, grey hair would be expected. But then the audience is faced with them aging and media has issues with aging.

In related stuff: I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Jody Mills’ hair is short and grey. Thank you for showing a woman over 30 who’s aging and still sexual.

Salt and pepper hair is so fucking hot! And I find Misha’s to be like HELL YEAH!! It’s sad they either feel they have to color it or they’re made to do it because I’d really like to see it.

And Jody/Kim… I mean DAMN that woman is awesome.
Hearteyes motherfucker 😀

 And and I think the con thing was that Jensen was teasing Jared about the gray hairs thing but Jensen didn’t have them yet. It’s been maybe a year or two since then so he might have some gray now.