I really quite emphatically agree with your post about holding mentally ill people to a higher standard. i watched a yt video with a man who was schizophrenic, and over the course of the video he drank one (1) beer.. And the comment section was full of people going like “he really shouldn’t be drinking when he’s schizophrenic :/ ” …………………….I’ve rarely been so pissed off.


I remember you talking about that. Like you know what has value? Being healthy. You know what also has value? Having fun and relaxing. Sometimes having fun and relaxing is more important than making the healthy choice and literally no healthy/neurotypical person is expected to ALWAYS make the healthy choice.

I’ve never had anyone personally tell me not to drink because I’m schizophrenic (they’ve asked about medication interactions, but that’s different) but damn if somebody ever said something like that to me, they’d be very sorry because I’d do a huge infodump on them.

Drinking is no more or less dangerous for a schizophrenic than it is for anybody else. It affects everyone differently, and if you know you personally can’t handle your liquor, maybe be more careful about it, but I really wish people would stop treating anyone with mental illnesses like they’re children.


Trouble drunk-blogs?

I don’t know why but for the first time in over 3 years I want to drink alcohol. I’m going to blame @omgbubblesomg and @mayalaen for setting the “bad” example.

Heading in hard with a Cuba libre with 40° dark rum.


I’m thoroughly enjoying your drunk blogging. @pod7et used to do both fic liveblogging and fic writing while drunk, which was fun to follow 😀

different types of drunks


1. Party Drunk:

  • will talk to anyone and everyone
  • only does shots
  • has to literally be dragged home at the end of the night because they refuse to acknowledge that the party has ended and they’re the only person still there

2. Blissful Drunk

  • does nothing but laugh
  • just happy to be included
  • too good for this world
  • loves you so much even though they just met you four minutes ago
  • probably also does acid

3. Emotional Drunk

  • not great at parties
  • is either crying tears of sorrow bc there’s no chips left or crying tears of gratitude bc someone showed them where the bathroom is
  • brings out everyone’s inner mother

4. Parent Drunk

  • keeps everyone’s shit together
  • everyone thinks they’re sober but they’ve actually had 5 shots in an hour
  • knows when u need to go home and will make sure you get there
  • holds back your hair when you’re vomiting at 3am

5. Slutty Drunk

  • never gets cold
  • makeup never smudges
  • never has to buy their own drinks
  • you think they’re sloppy and have no idea what they’re doing but every move is calculated and intentional

6. Sloppy Drunk

  • wasted by 10pm
  • needs to be taken home early
  • will drink anything you give them as long as there’s alcohol in it
  • a Mess
  • never learns from their mistakes

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