ryan’s alignment

I got Ryan to do the alignment test. I told him it was interesting and fun and I’d love to know what he was. He’s never done the whole D&D thing, but he’s pretty big on gaming, so he understood the concept, but didn’t know there was a test and all the actual alignments.

As I suspected, he got neutral good 😀

When I told him I consistently get lawful evil when I take the test, he just started laughing.

Then I told him there’s tons of alignment charts out there, and there’s one for Supernatural. He was very pleased to learn his alignment square has Bobby in it. He really likes Bobby and he’s a lot like Bobby too. He can appear gruff and uncaring, but he’s SUPER caring and has a really good heart and really hopes for the best in people, making the hard choices when he has to knowing it might hurt some people but that it’ll help them in the long run.

He laughed again when he saw my alignment square has Crowley in it 😛