top five movies

I wasn’t tagged by anybody for this. I just want to know what everybody’s favorites are, so I’m making a post. Feel free to join in even if I haven’t tagged you. No obligation to play if I have tagged you. This is just for fun 🙂

Rules: Make a post with 1 gif from each of your top 5 favorite movies. Tag some friends to see what their favorite movies are.

1. Lifeforce

2. The Thing 1982

3. All Over the Guy

4. The Man with Two Brains

5. Queen of the Damned

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I just realized why All Over the Guy is one of my favorite movies ever. Tom (Richard Ruccolo) is this kinda asshole-y guy who isn’t into romance at all and he’s stubborn and blunt while Eli (Dan Bucatinsky) is into romance, wants to believe in love and someone who will complete him. And even though …