Rate highest to lowest probability of Dean and Cas using this as lube: hair gel (Dean’s gotta have a lot of this around), milk, tomato sauce, tears (wahh!!), pizza grease =D




  1. tears (bc you know they’re both gonna be emotional messes when Cas is resurrected and they have i-thought-you-were-dead-but-now-you’re-back-and-i-love-you-so-much sex)
  2. pizza grease
  3. tomato sauce (probably mixed in with the pizza grease)
  4. milk
  5. hair gel (bc Dean needs that shit for his hair)

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Pizza slice hand jobs – I’ll just leave ya with this mental image.

Like a make-shift fleshlight… but pizza.

#and then they eat it after 😂😂😂

om nom nom