It’s funny how you can say “I can’t have gluten or dairy” and people just nod, but if you say, “I’m allergic to pizza, donuts, ice-cream and beer” they truly realize the implications.

This just happened with Ryan the other day. He was talking about how bad his stomach feels when he eats at certain restaurants, and they happened to be the same ones I have difficulty with, and I told him I have a processed corn allergy – I’ll flat out throw up if I get enough of it in my system, and when I haven’t had enough of it, I wish I had because it slowly moves through my system hurting like fuck when if I could just puke it would be over sooner.

So he was like “oh yeah that sucks but really how much processed corn is in everything?“ His eyes grew bigger the more items I named – corn flour, corn syrup (in a lot of candy and sugary foods), corn starch (cheap fast food), corn oil, corn tortillas, corn meal I CAN’T EAT CORNBREAD 🙁 and so many other things. A lot of companies are switching to corn-based products because it’s cheaper, so that sucks too.

When I said popcorn, he gasped and was like “POPCORN!?!!! that’s awful!”

And it just cracked me up because it’s like I just said corn products and you’re surprised at popCORN?! He gasped again and asked, “Does that include Corn Nuts?!”

And I don’t even think my allergy is that bad. I don’t swell up or have trouble breathing. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people that have major food allergies to multiple things.

As long as I stay away from watermelon and honeydew (I say that like I never eat them but damn sometimes it’s worth the swollen mouth and throat) and processed corn, I’m good 🙂


*Doesn’t get hayfever due to meds, but does still get crippling sinus pain, because meds can’t keep the pollen out of nose.*

My day.

I don’t know if you wanna try this, but my entire family has hayfever issues. There are three things that work for our sinus pain.

  1. Alanase/Beconase (depending on where you order it from). We get it from Canada and it’s Alanase there, but I believe in Australia it’s Beconase. You can use it anywhere from 2 squirts twice a day to 1 squirt twice a week depending on how bad your allergies are at any given time. I back if off when they’re not bad so I’m not putting unnecessary amounts of medication into my nose. When you first start using it it will burn because your nasal tissue is inflamed. It gets better.
  2. Sinus washes. We use warm-ish water in a cup with enough salt mixed in to make it feel smooth when you rub your fingers together in it, then we use those nasal/ear bulbs to suck it up then flush out each nostril. Some people it comes out of their mouths, others it comes out the other nostril, but it soothes the irritation and cleans out the junk inside your sinuses. Be careful about the mixture of salt to water. If there’s not enough salt it hurts really bad.
  3. Tylenol Sinus. It’s a mixture of three(?) medications, and for some reason works really well on that sinus pain.

We’ve all tried TONS of different meds, and like you we could get the sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, etc. to go away, but not the sinus pain. These things above helped. I don’t usually do the sinus washes unless I’ve got a sinus infection, but my mom loves them and does them twice a week.