fanfiction + the sims

Whenever I write I fic, I get the desire to create the houses from the fics in The Sims.

So would anybody be interested in photosets of this? It would include the characters from the fic.

Recently I’ve recreated Cas’ house from CONventional Psychopathy along with Billie’s apartment (she’ll be in a future part), and I’m about to create Benny’s house too, maybe even Sam and Jess’, the CON building, and a club Cas will be going to.

If you’ve read Alpha House, you know I recreated the main house from the series in The Sims and posted pics on AO3.

I already took screenshots of Cas and Dean ‘breaking in’ their new bed in the CON ‘Verse, and I’d be able to post both S-F-W and N-S-F-W photosets, maybe even with captions if anybody was interested.


Your reminder that fictional characters are not always expressing the objective truth about themselves or their world, and the author is under no obligation to explain that, when the character speaks.

‘They’re lying’ and ‘they’re wrong’ are totally valid plot twists, and they’re not necessarily retcons.

I mean, for fuck’s sake, in the real world, we’re still learning new things about actual history all the time, to the point where like, some books published fifty years ago, about things that happened a thousand years ago, are no longer considered correct. Or shit where people published ‘studies’ that were improperly reviewed total bullshit and it took thirty years for anyone to question it and then actually do the studies to find the actual results. We didn’t retcon shit. We just gained new information that straightened out earlier bad assumptions. Fiction can also work like this. You can build human fallibility right into the story.

whataboutthefish: @mayalaen I drove past this place on Saturday and had to snap a picture for you!  THAT’S AWESOME!!! I’m totally snagging this pic, and I’m probably going to giggle and squee over this for a while. Thank you!!! the crew is totally living there aren’t they

Alpha House Update – Chapter 30 Posted Chapter 30: The Next Chapter was posted on AO3. Title: Alpha HousePairing(s): All possible combinations of Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer (Nick), Benny, Kevin, Sarah, Charlie, Crowley. There are also other established relationships in this ‘verse.Rating: Adult/NC-17/ExplicitWord Count: 330k and countingTags: This is a long ABO AU with …

alpha house

Chapter 30 of Alpha House is ready to post, but I’m not sure what I want to do.

It’s already at 310k, so do I just keep adding chapters until this thing is 1 million words or is that too much/overwhelming to a reader?

Should I round it off and stop at 30, then start another arc because I’ve already written more? Kinda like “Alpha House: The Next Part”? Or should I start timestamps?

I’m just not sure what I want to do with it.

And I suppose i should tag @majesticduxk on this one since it was written for her in the first place 😀

Any thoughts?