S4 Ep 2.

Ruby: is it true that an angel pulled Dean out of hell?

Sam: You heard?

Ruby: Who hasn’t?

FASCINATING implications of that simple exchange, huh? How *exactly* has word of this gotten out??

I’ll bet the demon and angel introduced in S11 that get together to drink and bitch about work probably started the rumor mill for that one.

Angel:  Holy crap, you’ll never guess what happened!
Demon:  There was some shit going down in Hell, but I missed it.
Angel:  So you know that Dean, guy you had down there for the last 40 years??

et cetera lol


hehehe… Doug and Tim gossiping about the happenings of Heaven and Hell

Doug: They what??
Tim: I can’t believe you haven’t heard. An angel descends into hell and you just missed it.
Doug: I overslept!
Tim: Why were you even sleeping in the first place? I thought there was no rest for the wicked.
Doug: Because Hell is exhausting you elitist Fuck!
Tim: … 
Doug: I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.
Tim: That hurt.
Doug: I won’t do it again.
Tim: Thank you

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Always and forever tag me in on tim and doug please @powerfulweak

Are they actually called Tim and Doug or did you just make that up…because either way I’m using it.

Hi @dadstiel-n-sammy did you miss the whole spncoldesthits madness when you were on hiatus?? Hahahaha their names are Tim and Doug because @powerfulweak wrote this fic

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You should totally play it in January!

Omg yes I missed the thing! By the time I got wind of it, everything was in full swing and I was super bitter because I wanted to play too. Ugh and I have my senior thesis paper and my internship to do on account of this being my final semester. I really should focus and do the important things….and I’m not even a real fic writer yet….but it sounds so fun and I love a competition and I get to go up against a bunch of fellow weirdos.

omg I think I just talked myself into doing the thing.

Hahaha seriously i think most people write their fic in 20 minutes, mine are usually no more than 2 hours (but the promo war does become time consuming as if it goes on for years, still get flashbacks to the art people made)