i follow this awesome mix of blogs that ship different things




and it’s so fun to get on Tumblr whenever there’s been anything SPN related because I get to see all sorts of squeeing from all the different shippers, interpreting the same situation (whether it be the show or the actors/actresses IRL) differently and loving it.

Last night and this morning between the show airing and the actors/actresses doing watch parties while taking pics and Tweeting and Facebook streaming, it was nothing but awesome gifsets and cuteness from all kinds of shippers!

I think that’s beautiful 🙂

Well, this *was* a positive post for all of what, 30 seconds before replies and some anons in my inbox? I guess
I’m not doing as well I thought, so fuck it. I’m going to go read. I
just realized Flinchflower’s work is on AO3, so I’ll take my
positivity, shove it up my ass, and re-read some awesome fic. 

And I replied to this instead of reblogged, so yeah, I’m a dork.

If it makes you feel any better every single negative thing you got because of that post? The posters can shove it up THEIR asses. Yeah? Cause I don’t have too many people I follow and it isn’t a huge variety so I would love to get a peek of your dash. LOL
Or you know, recs of some people to follow.

Ya know, I probably should make a post of people who are just all around positive and refreshing to follow and who are accepting and lovely people to follow.

I’ll work on that because they deserve more followers. I’m hoping the anons were random people that aren’t going to be in my list, but oh well. When I’m in my normal state of mind, the rabid anons don’t bother me anyway 🙂

I’ll bookmark this post so if I write up that list I can let you know about it.