kansastexas: AKF III I think it’s adorable he felt the need to tell us he washed it.  Like all those times he and Jensen have hugged fans who then raved about how great the guys smell will suddenly be forgotten and we’ll think he’s this scummy dad who changes his underwear once a month. (Source: …




The AKF campaign is really, really great & has helped me to push on through difficult times; but Jared seriously needs to hire an actual graphic designer because those shirts are just .. like idek what to say about them.

Oh yes, that’s kinda true. But I have them anyway just because they help somehow.

To be honest, the fact that they look so homecooked is part of the reason I love them so much.

ITA.  I love that it seems as if Jared walked into a room said “I want this, this, and this on the shirt,” and somebody that had SOME Photoshop skills just said, “Uhm, okay, like this?” and Jared goes “YEAH! THIS!“ instead of Jared just handing the job off to someone who made it visually amazing, throwing money at some designer.

For all I know, he DID pay some designer and had no input on the design, but I dunno.  It just seems dorky and personal and… Jared.

So I like to imagine that between Jared, Jensen, and maybe Misha or somebody who can sorta work a computer, they just cut and pasted things together and handed it to the shirt makers.