replied to your post “My family always includes me in the group texts about my cousin’s…”

I feel you. I don’t like kids but I have to pretend I find them cute bc my coworkers have baby fever and it’s rude to tell people you don’t give a shit about their dumbass baby.

Hahaha! Yes!

I don’t tell people their kids suck, and it’s only family and close friends that know I hate kids. I don’t wish evil upon kids, and I’m glad kids can be happy and are able to be kids, just go be kids somewhere I’m not 😀

It just frustrates me that my family knows this about me and even jokes about it (”haha, if you wanted kids, you could turn that spare bedroom into a nursery, but let’s make it a cool library instead”), but yet they still include me in group texts.

No, I don’t want to see him eating cake in the bathtub. No, I don’t want to see his dorky dancing. No, I don’t want to see his new outfit that I have to pay for. No, I don’t want you to send me videos/pics of other people’s babies. 😛