My 19-year-old cousin just blew my mind today because we did his taxes, then gave him the paper to sign and told him to send it in the mail, but my cousin looked at us like a deer caught in the headlights and said, “How do I address an envelope? I’ve never done it before.”

What the fuck.

This kid finished high school, the last year of high school he started attending airplane mechanic school, which he took for the full two years, and he’s been working at a grocery store since he was 16.

Nowhere in his life experience or education did he learn how to address an envelope.

I remember learning how to do this in grade school. But instead of learning basic and necessary life skills like this, my cousin learned advanced math that he’s not even going to use as an airplane mechanic and also had history crammed down his throat – another thing he won’t use as a mechanic.

Sure, he can fix your plane, do your college math homework, and tell you important dates in American history, but don’t ask him to mail his taxes in. Oh, and no, school didn’t teach him how to do taxes. We did.