The weirdest thing about the UK is that they don’t clap at the end of movie trailers. What the fuck.

not to mention the fact that they don’t pour their pepsis into their buckets of popcorn and eat the resulting mush, known as “pissy shitties” here in the good ol US of A

What the fuck is “pissy shitties”?

pissy shitties is when you mix pepsi and popcorn to create a rich and smooth treat, excellent for enjoying a movie with friends

Woah woah woah… slow down there. Canadian joining the party. American’s clap at the end of movie trailers? Like every trailer? Or do you mean just the movie? And is “pissy shitties” an actual thing? How does it not leak onto your pants? Oh and sorr-eh for interrupting!

Here in the USA, most theaters sell buckets meant specifically for pissy shitties, called piss buckets, which are usually around like $30 – $40. Some Americans like the feeling of leaky buckets on their jeans and consider it a part of the theater experience like post-credit brawls and sticky floors. I agree with the latter tbh.

The clapping is a normal show of respect and it occupies our hands so we don’t eat all our pissy shitties before the movie starts

Y’all need to stop this

I’ve been on tumblr so long that I’m convinced that I’m being trolled and all of this is a giant teasing shitpost

…but I’ve also heard enough about Americans to genuinely think at least some of this hot mess could be legit.

@desperation-and-grace pls help me

Oh, I laughed so hard I have tears! TEARS, I tell you!

No, this isn’t true, but damn it’s funny! Americans don’t shut the fuck up until the trailers are over, which really sucks, but they don’t clap for the trailers – at least none that I’ve experienced.

Pissy shitties – I can’t stop giggling over this!

Our theaters don’t get cleaned very well, so it kinda feels like the people before us have had pissy shitties. The floors are always sticky and the seats have stains on them that you just… can’t think about.

There are usually small children/babies in theaters no matter what kind of movie is being played, and the kids don’t shut the fuck up either, but parents let them roam free and it’s a pain in the ass. Then you’ve got people on their phones, which again is a pain in the ass. Don’t forget about the talkers who never shut the fuck up. Pain in the ass.

People do get buckets of popcorn, and they pour so much butter over it that the buckets leak, so it’s close to pissy shittieI but not quite.

They also don’t clean up after themselves AT ALL.  When the movie is over and before the credits roll, people run out (sometimes literally running), leaving everything behind and stomping on your feet and knocking into your knees and looking at you like you’re insane for staying for the credits.

Basically most Americans in any packs greater than three or four are filthy animals who don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves and are the reason I stopped going to the theater back in about 2007.

Other family members of mine still go, and they say it’s only gotten worse.