mayalaen: Pairing(s): Sam/Gabriel – SabrielTags: fps, slash, amnesia, memory loss, fake memory, angst, fallen!GabrielLink: spnkinkmeme Prompt: Somehow, perhaps punishment from the angels, Gabriel’s grace is torn from him and his mind is filled with fake memories. Sam and Dean happen to find him, but when Gabriel doesn’t recognize them (or respond to the name Gabriel), …

Pairing(s): Sam/Gabriel – SabrielTags: fps, slash, amnesia, memory loss, fake memory, angst, fallen!GabrielLink: spnkinkmeme Prompt: Somehow, perhaps punishment from the angels, Gabriel’s grace is torn from him and his mind is filled with fake memories. Sam and Dean happen to find him, but when Gabriel doesn’t recognize them (or respond to the name Gabriel), they …

SPN Amnesia!Dean Recs


A couple of amnesia!Dean recs I put together over the last couple of months – some gen, some Sam/Dean, some Cas/Dean, some dealing with
canonical memory loss situations, others not so much. And of course all
of them are awesome. 🙂
Listed chronologically, because that made about as much or as little sense as anything else.

subtle tricks by jaimeykay
Gen. Sam, Dean, John | PG-13 | ~ 4500 words | Pre-series to Season 3
So Dean forgets things sometimes. It’s not really a big deal. It’s
always been like this. Nobody has to know; he’s got this handled all on
his own. (Right. When has that ever worked out for any of them?)
What I thought: I
don’t think I’ve really read anything like this before – Dean’s amnesia
isn’t the sudden result of a curse or an accident here, nor is it an
affliction he develops later in life, it’s just something that’s always
been there and it’s absolutely heart-breaking to see Dean try to deal
and live with it.

Same Time Next Year by apreludetoanend
Gen. Sam&Dean | PG-13 | ~ 2000 | Pilot AU
Summary: Pilot AU. Some things never change. When Dad goes missing, Dean comes for Sam.
What I thought:
I can’t really say anything about this story without spoiling it, so
just read it. Be warned, though, that it will probably break your heart.

The Plain of Lethe by meyerlemon
Gen. Sam&Dean | PG-13 | ~ 1100 words | post Season 1 AU
Summary: For the first few days, he expects him to remember.
What I thought:
This is such a sweet and sad account of how Sam tries to make a life
for himself and a brother who doesn’t remember anything before he went
to fetch Sam at Stanford.

A Foreign Country by casspeach
Dean/OFC | G | ~ 30500 words | Season 2
Dean finds himself alone and badly injured on the side of a mountain in
Colorado with no memory of who he is or what he’s doing there. This is
the story of the life he makes for himself when he has no knowledge of
hunting or the dangers lurking in the dark (or, gasp, Sam!!). When
something threatens his new family he’s forced to fall back on lessons
he can’t remember being taught, and skills he can’t remember acquiring
to protect them.
What I thought: Incredibly believable story
of how Dean might quit hunting which stays fresh and real throughout and
never takes the turn you’d expect it to.

The Next Town by kres
Gen. Sam&Dean | PG-13 | ~ 5300 words | post Season 2 AU
Summary: Dean keeps to the yellow line.
What I thought:
This is a simultaneously poetic and heartbreaking portrayal of a Dean
who’s forgotten his brother, with imagery that’s very fitting for early
seasons SPN – the dirt, the sweat, the endless road.

Day Seventy-Four by caranfindel
Gen. Sam&Dean | PG-13 | ~ 3100 words | Mystery Spot
Summary: Day 74 in Broward County. Sam is falling apart; Dean tries to help keep him together.
What I thought: The summary says it all. Perfect Mystery Spot fic.

Five Times Dean Remembers Sex…and One Time He Doesn’t by sowell
Dean/OFC, Dean/Lisa, Dean/Alastair, Dean/Cas, Dean/Sam | NC-17 | ~ 4100 words | Mystery Spot
Summary: Dean’s life in sexual encounters.
What I thought: The obligatory Sam-tries-to-keep-Dean-in-bed-to-save-his-life Mystery Spot story. And some more.

No Dominion by gaelicspirit
Gen. Sam&Dean | PG-13 | ~ 9000 words | Mystery Spot
Four moments in the span of a hundred, four lessons in sacrifice, four
chances to save him, and only one to say what he really means.
What I thought:
What makes this version of Mystery Spot unique is that it features both
Sam and Dean’s POV, and that it’s written in a surprisingly strong
first person narrative.

Tuesday by ash_carpenter
Sam/Dean | R | ~ 3800 words | Mystery Spot
Mystery Spot coda, where Sam becomes more invested in sleeping with
Dean than finding a solution. Dark, rape, character death, buckets o’
angst, abuse, serious Dean!whumpage.
What I thought: There’s something about this desperately psychopathic Sam that I find astonishingly convincing.

Here There By Tygers by kalliel
Gen. Sam&Dean | PG-13 | ~ 6000 words | Season 3 AU
The problem with Dean’s life is, it’s supposed to end this year. And
the problem with Dean’s brother, well. Sam’s still working on that one.
S3 divergent timeline.
What I thought: Sam saves Dean from Hell by throwing both of them in a different kind of hell. Florida is the creepiest place on earth.

Blink (You’re Gone) by thehighwaywoman
Sam/Dean | NC-17 | ~ 1700 words | Season 3 AU
Summary: The undiscover’d country, from whose bourn
No traveller returns,–puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?

(Hamlet, Act III)
What I thought:
I don’t really know what to say about this story – it’s one of those
fics that are too fascinating and disturbing for words. It makes for a
supremely unsettling and surreal read, and every *blink* is scary like a
whiplash, or a mental blank.

Blink (the Rapid Eye Movement remix) by rivkat
Sam/Dean | M | ~ 3300 words | post Season 3 AU
These but the trappings and the suits of woe. Written for Remix Redux
08. Original story: Blink (You’re Gone), by thehighwaywoman.
What I thought:
This story is slightly less mysterious than thehighwaywoman’s original
in that we do get some answers to the questions: What’s happening? Is
this real? Is it a dream? Who’s dreaming? But it still manages to be
just as disturbing. Dean!whump at its finest.

The Common Fate of All by gretazreta
Sam/Dean | M | ~ 10200 words | post Season 3 AU
Dean Winchester works in insurance: brought up in foster care, he’s
never hunted, never fired a gun, and never owned a car. Then, one day,
he meets a guy called Sam.
What I thought: Without spoiling
too much, let me just say that this story is a wonderful exploration of
the metaphor of forgetting, and a fantastically ironic meta-commentary
on It’s A Terrible Life, even though it was written well before that episode aired.

Who Are You? (I Really Wanna Know) by Eugara
Sam/Dean | NC-17 | ~ 28100 words | It’s A Terrible Life
Tag to It’s a Terrible Life (4×17). Ever since Sam Wesson moved to
Ohio, he’s found himself in an exceedingly terrifying series of battles
against his own brain—and the attractive man he keeps bumping into with
the strikingly green eyes is Sam’s only clue as to why. Meanwhile, Dean
Smith’s next promotion is practically in the bag until he starts
stumbling over a succession of worrisomely inappropriate outbursts. The
cute, but creepy IT guy who keeps leering at him really isn’t helping
things either.
What I thought: An expanded exploration of
Smith and Wesson’s lives and encounters at Sandover which ties in
beautifully with the rest of S4 canon.

Only Sweeter by rivkat
Sam/Dean | M | ~ 30000 | Season 4 AU
Summary: Dean gets amnesia; Sam tries to use it to fix him. Sam/Dean for certain values of Sam/Dean.
What I thought:
In a very neat subversion of the amnesia trope this story is less about
who Dean is without the baggage of his (crippling hell) memories, and
more about who Sam is, and how far he’s willing to go. There is no demon
blood in this, no black eyes, no nostril flaring, and yet this is about
the most perfect portrayal of S4’s dark!Sam that I’ve come  across.

We Who Were Living by anactoria
Cas/Dean | PG-13 | ~ 5700 words | Season 5 AU
After the end of days, there are… more days. Castiel takes them one
at a time. Sometimes Dean is there with him. Mostly he isn’t.
AU from
5.18 “Point of No Return”. Dean said ‘yes’, Sam was killed along with
Lucifer, and Michael checked out. Cas and Dean try to live in the
What I thought: A quietly devastating account of Cas trying to make a life for himself and a traumatised ex-vessel Dean.

What We Left Behind by geckoholic
Cas/Dean | PG-13 | ~ 4800 words | Season 5 AU
Summary: He
doesn’t actually know his own name, and that, finally, makes an icy
feeling settle deep in his stomach. It’s one thing to wake up in a
creepy basement without light or power, but to do so without even
knowing who you are? Yeah. Shit.- Dean/Castiel, amnesia fic in a post-apocalyptic setting.
What I thought: What I particularly loved about this take on amnesiac!Dean is that it showed how integral language is to Dean’s identity.

Come Morning Light by geckoholic
Cas/Dean | M | ~ 8000 words | post Season 6 AU
Summary: He had another one of those dreams last night, the kind that’s not about hell but leaves him shaken almost as bad. – Dean/Castiel, AU after S6, set several years later.
What I thought: A chilling story about the kindness and the cruelty of forgetting.

Our Troubles Will Be Miles Away by sw0rdy
Gen. Sam&Dean | PG-13 | post Season 7 AU
Summary: “Everyone deserves a little kindness, Dean.”
POV. Sam has sprung Dean from Purgatory, but the experience has changed
his brother forever. Retired from hunting and in the throes of a
breakdown, Dean finds himself miles from home with no recollection of
how he came to be there and, more importantly, how to get back. Cue a
kind soul and a little Christmas spirit.
What I thought: A truly touching H/C story told from a very sympathetic outsider!POV – not just a treat to read in the Christmas season.

Like an Alien Fish out of Water by justmep2
Gen. Sam&Dean | G | ~ 3900 words | Season 8
“Exhibit A: Dean is not Dean. Or he is, but he’s not acting like Dean.
Well, he’s acting like Dean but not like… Dean. Sam gets what he
means.” Or, the one where Dean gets amnesia and it’s all fun and games,
until it’s not.
What I thought: A great bunker!fic with psychic fish and a surprisingly hilarious take on the trope.

Away With Us by anactoria
Gen. Sam&Dean | PG-13 | ~ 5900 words | late Season 9 AU
Post-S9 AU. Dean is still marked by the fae as their own, and, with the
Mark of Cain gone, they begin to take an interest again. This time, he
finds it harder to resist.
What I thought: This is a magical read, and not just because there are fairies. But also because of that. *g*

The Babel Fish Has Forsaken Us by indiachick
Sam/Dean | R | ~ 33700 words | post Season 9 AU
Trying to escape a murky past, Dean Winchester moves into a dilapidated
house by the sea—and discovers that one of his house-mates is an
obsessive weather goddess, another cultivates dying fishes, and a third
lives in the basement and smokes cigarillos. Then there’s also Sam, the
harried student in the attic, who seems so familiar that it’s impossible
not to gravitate toward him. Things are sunnily good, and in this house
that abounds with corn and honey, nightmares and memories, ghosts and
pesky blue-eyed birds, it’s easy to get lost in a reality that isn’t
yours. But if this place isn’t real, then what will Sam and Dean find in
the real world when they—if they—finally wake?
What I thought:
Adequately labelled as a phantasmagoric mindfuck – a fascinating and
haunting read that picks up on the growing darkness of the Mark
storyline and maybe fixes Sam and Dean as SamandDean.