Title: Her TurnPairing(s): MTF!Dean(Dee)/CharlieWord Count: 70kRating: NC-17/Adult/ExplicitTags: internalized transphobia, transgender!Dean (Dee), Season 9, pegging, rimming, cunnilingus, virginity, anal sex, anal fingering, sex toys, strap-ons, oral sex, internalized cissexism, internalized homophobiaOriginal Post Date: January 13, 2014Link: AO3 Summary: Dean knew from a very young age he was different than other boys, but after being told that …

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new fic: getting around

Written for @spnpolybingo​​​​

Title: Getting Around
Pairing(s): Charlie/Abaddon, Charlie/Rowena, Charlie/Anna
Word Count: 673
Rating: NC-17/Explicit/Adult
poly relationships, femslash, cunni1ingus, strap-ons, anal s3x, oral s3x, rough s3x (I’m so tired of p0rnbotz)
@spnpolybingo​ Square: Abaddon Anna Charlie Rowena

AO3 Link

Getting Around

Charlie rolls her eyes when Dean tells her
that they need something from Rowena.  Some kind of herb or whatever.  
She acts like it’s a hardship and that Rowena is really hard to get
along with just so Dean doesn’t give her a hard time about getting too
close to the witch.

When she gets there, Rowena is meditating.  
She’s beautiful in her long, flowing gown that drags on the floor
because she’s so tiny.  She has to wear heels, otherwise she trips over
it, and Charlie thinks it’s adorable.

Rowena’s hair is down, red
curls tumbling over her shoulders.  She opens her eyes, sensing
Charlie’s there, and not nearly soon enough, she’s beckoning Charlie
over to the mat on the floor, pulling her down and eating her out like
nobody ever has.

“My sweet girl,” Rowena coos as she spreads
Charlie’s legs and focuses just as much attention on making Charlie come
over and over again as she does any of her spell books.  Rowena knows
she’s not the only one who makes Charlie come, and she doesn’t care.

leaves with whatever it was Dean wanted and a little something extra in
her pocket that Rowena tells her to add to her bath that night.  
Something that Rowena says she’ll really enjoy.  She does.


pretends she knows exactly how to summon Abaddon without getting
killed, and she does, but it’s not something she can teach the guys or
share with them.  If they summoned Abaddon, she’d probably kill them
before they ever discovered what she and Charlie do when they’re alone.

rang?” Abaddon says, sauntering into the warehouse.  Abaddon knows
she’s not the only one who makes Charlie come, and she doesn’t care.

tears at Abaddon’s clothes, and it’s rough and painful and she sobs as
she comes.  It’s good and it’s what she wanted.  What she gets every
time she calls on a creature so dangerous even the Winchesters are
scared of her.

The fourth time she comes it’s with Abaddon’s
strap-on pounding into her ass, and her knees get scraped up on the
concrete floor, but she only begs for more.

She limps out of the
warehouse hours later, smirking because yeah, it was just that damn
good.  Dean teases her later that night about getting laid and asks who
the lucky lady was, but all Charlie says is that it’s none of his


Charlie coaxes Anna into the back room of the
bar, kissing her gently and assuring her that she paid off the
bartender, and nobody’s going to bother them for at least fifteen
minutes.  She doesn’t tell Anna that in exchange, he also gets to peek
through the shelves and jerk off.

Anna lets out little gasping
pants of breath while Charlie fingers her pussy, her body pressing
Anna’s into the shelving unit against the back wall of the building.  
Anna is soft in all the ways Abaddon isn’t, and she comes with a quiet
whimper, squeezing her eyes shut as her body bucks, pussy clenching
around Charlie’s fingers.

“Kiss me,” Charlie says, and Anna’s lips are soft, her fingers gentle as they caress her skin under her shirt.

an angel, so she has to know there’s a creepy guy tugging his meat,
watching them, but Anna doesn’t say anything about it.  She kisses
Charlie, then slides down, looking up at her from the floor as she
slowly opens Charlie’s jeans and pulls them down along with her panties
before she leans in and licks over the seam of Charlie’s pussy.

keeps her back to the man because all he deserves to see is her ass,
not what Anna’s doing to her.  Little kitten licks and the flush on her
cheeks as she pushes her fingers into Charlie, sucking on her clit.  
Charlie comes almost as quietly as Anna had, and they walk out holding
hands.  Anna knows she’s not the only one who makes Charlie come, and
she doesn’t care because she’s the one wearing Charlie’s ring.

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