Photobucket Breaks the Internet


Hey all, so as you may or may not have heard, recently the image hosting site Photobucket changed their policies to disallow “third party hosting” of the content uploaded to them. If you’re familiar with Photobucket, you’re probably thinking “wait a minute, isn’t Photobucket literally built around third party image hosting?”
And to that I would say yes. Yes they are. I am just as baffled by this change as you are.
Photobucket has essentially just broken half of the internet by deactivating all image links unless you subscribe to a “paid service” of something like $400 a year.
Since the obvious answer to that is fuck no, I now have 10 years worth of broken images, photos, and artwork that I’ve got to delete and re-upload through some other service.

I’m trying to deal with all of this as fast as possible, but unfortunately you’re going to be seeing some ugly broken images hanging around until I can get it all sorted. I can’t even begin to describe the sheer amount of accounts, journals, forums, and websites that have been effected by this, so please message me if you come across a broken image I have failed to replace.

I’m terribly sorry if anyone has lost images or artwork from me because of this – please let me know what you’re missing and I’d be happy to give you your file(s).