memorial account

My cousin died about two months ago, and ever since then her daughter posts on her mom’s Facebook wall at least once a week, sometimes as much as three times in a day.

She writes directly to her mom and shares pictures with her, tells her about her day, about what her two little brothers are doing, things she wished she could’ve done with her mom, and things they did together.

It’s really sad, but at the same time it’s a really cool way to honor the memory of her mother in a way that makes forgetting her impossible when her friends and family see posts all the time.

The Facebook account has been turned into a memorial account, and it’s awesome to see people coming on to wish her a happy birthday and telling their favorite stories about her and things that they’ve seen recently that reminded them of her. She was always posting/sharing interesting things like science news and thoughtful commentary, so when friends and family see something she would’ve been interested in, they put it on her wall.

She was an extremely caring and loving person, and she would’ve really loved to see what everyone has done with her memorial account.