Arg, not only has it been wicked busy at the shop (last night I had to stay 1.5 hours later than usual), but my laptop is flipping out/dying, so it’s being weird at the shop, especially with Tumblr.

My home desktop computer is dying too – video card, HDD, and motherboard are all giving me a hard time. Mostly the video card, and if it was just that I’d yank it out and replace it (video cards are about the easiest thing to change on a computer), but it’s not so I’m thinking I need to buy a laptop and a new desktop in the near future.

Expensive! 🙁

And I really like the laptop. It’s got fingerprint scanning (which a bunch of the newer ones don’t) and the most comfortable touchpad I’ve ever had. I haven’t found another laptop that’s set up like this one in years, and it’s also a 17.1 inch screen.

Woe is me! I hate complaining about shit like this because its so petty, but I pretty much live on my laptop and desktop.