IS IT JUST ME OR DO THOSE COOKIES LOOK LIKE VAGINAS?! I wanna lick them before I eat them >:D





So. That was exactly where my mind went first!

Hahaha! That’s awesome!

I immediately thought of Meg or Jess licking those cookies in front of Charlie or Sarah and they get them all excited and turned on, teasing them until they can’t see straight 😀

@erilainenmuori, see what your cookies are doing…

Bless! My cookies out there, doing the good work. I feel like I achieved something today, after all.

I messaged Duck instead of reblogging because I had no clue how you would react to my pervy brain and what it did with your cookies. Figured Duck knew you better and would post it publicly if she thought it wouldn’t offend you.

I’m glad you enjoyed it.

And they look very yummy for more than one reason 😀