before hating on John Winchester, please remember :




• there is no canon proof that John ever physically abused his sons.
• he was 29 YEARS OLD when his wife was murdered and he was left alone to take care of his two sons and deal with a new-found knowledge of the supernatural.
• he is not unaffectionate. there are plenty of scenes in the show where John is seen hugging the boys.
• he would sacrifice himself any day for his sons. oh wait, he has.
• he doesn’t hate Dean, please stop.
• John Winchester was supposed to be the Righteous Man.
• but he never broke, even after spending approximately a year in Hell (which equals roughly to over 100 years of torture, by the way.)
• John didn’t hate Sam, please stop.
• young!John was a super sweet guy who loved Mary very much and there is literally no reason to think young!John was an asshole???
• John was definitely not father of the year. But there is absolutely no proof that he was the asshole most people make him out to be.
• if you don’t like John Winchester, that’s okay. But please don’t spam the tag with hate.
• there’s a lot more this i could add but this post is long enough as it is.

Can I get an amen?!