For the nickname thing I was like I’m gonna do a mashup, and I thought I was all cool until I started to type it out and it was Runny (Ren+Bunny). From there my brain deteriorated. Ben, Ritty (Ren+Kitty), Ken, SmightyRenKittyMcBunnyErton. I decided on Snookums, since you seemed to like it the other day. But I kinda like Reniel (Ren+Castiel). *sigh* I suck at naming people/things, so let’s go with Ren.





I love all of these

you can call me all of these things anon

like seriously all of them.

Yay! 😀

I wanted to designate a tag for you (instead of smightymcsmighterton). Reniel sounds pretty in my head. Good with you?