ISTJ Strengths and Flaws


  • Wonderful attention to detail.
  • Always try their best.
  • Fit into many different kinds of workplaces.
  • Often develop good eating/sleeping/work habits – enviably, they’re almost immune to procrastination.
  • Great memory, and so they know all sorts of interesting facts.
  • Always try their goddamn best damnit.


  • Occaisonally judge others too quickly.
  • Sense of humour often involves puns and old memorized jokes (I guess this could be a strength. Sort of.).
  • A little bit too focussed on details..
  • Are freaking out right now because there were two periods at the end of the previous sentence.

My sense of humor is extremely sarcastic and contains a lot of movie/TV show quotes. There have been plenty of times people have had no clue I’m insulting them, and I’m fine with that 🙂