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Nooooooo, you can’t unfollow Souff! Give her a chance :’(

I Haven’t seen any posts of it from Souff?

Oh, good. I wouldn’t survive the divorce. I always hoped my parents would divorce, but you and Souff… no. Just NO! You have children ridiculous adults to think about! Do the responsible thing and don’t look back in Souff’s posts forget I said anything.

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This i like so sweet but also @angrysouffle we have children? I mean ridiculous (talented) adults? God lord are we viewed as the pseudo parents of this rag-tag collections of fans?

Since I trust you I shan’t look back in Souff’s posts, but that’s like not looking at the giant bespeckled elephant in the room, and I dunno man I’ve always had a thing for elephants…

Yes, you guys didn’t realize this already? Now you know! And even if you guys fight, you need to stay together for the kids creepy adults who will now be calling you mommy and daddy. sorry

I hope you know I’m fighting REALLY hard against the urge to put Misha’s face on a bespeckled elephant and post it for you right now.

I personally had no idea! I thought I just floated around, popped in here and there, and that Souff was like the Master connector bringing everyone together! *shotty daddy by the way!*

You may put Misha’s face on an elephant so long as it’s not THAT face.

Eeeeee! I’m actually not doing the Mishapocalypse thing. I just got this urge because of your posts.

Okay, one of my favorite pics of him on an elephant just for you! Misha is the big elephant in the room! It’s not bespeckled, but it’s one of the creepy elephants from Winnie the Pooh, so I figured it would work.

Under a cut for hideousness. But you know you can’t resist.

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OMG Heffalump!Misha, Heffishalump!! Love it (so freaking weird). Consider your Fandom!Daddy proud.

Wait i thought i was the dad?!!

Also “the connector that joins everyone” sounds so suspect.

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How can you think you’re the daddy when this is just a thing I have only learnt about now? Have you been thinking of this Souff…alone…in your office (do you have an office?) or even worse have you been aware of this interpretation of our friendSHIP and haven’t told me? *betrayed*

Also by ‘suspect’ do you mean disingenuous or suspicious? and I assume that gif of Lustiel is in someone a representation of you? I only ask the latter because I totally took it as not only representing the duality of your position within this friendship group (that of apparent mother in the sense that, arguably, you pulled us all together, not only though conversation/exposure but through the spncoldesthits) and your interpretation of ‘connector’ sounding ‘suspect’. With the idea of it being representative of your duality I think that’s a little obvious, but only within the context of the show. Lucifer is inhabiting Castiel as a vessel, the whole two-beings-one-body sthick that has fueled spn smut-fanfic since season four, there is a dualism to that existence (a cartesian dualism even) with the existence of the mind (Lucifer) being separate from from the body (Castiel -arguably Jimmy), and in this way, your ‘Mother role’ being that of the physical (the actuality- I mean come on Souff, outside of being an actual Mother you are a total mom “persistent, stubborn, caring, and patient.” ). In the instance of ‘sounding suspect’ the gif still embodies that sense of duality (Suspicious and disingenuous), but what makes more sense to me with that gif alone is a representation of what it means to be suspect: i.e disingenuous (Which Lucifer most certainly is in the scene, displaying insincere concern for Sam in the way he imitates Cas’ concern). So did you mean suspicious or disingenuous or neither or both? I think you mean suspicious but that gif in that context isn’t as appropriate as if you were talking about suspect=disingenuous. 

I am asking WAY to many questions in this reply and thinking about that gif WAY too much and making NO SENSE, that is proof that I have been working on my philosophy essay TOO LONG! Goodnight @angrysouffle and @mayalaen! I am going to have a nap (at 3 in the afternoon…)

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*reads this, it takes an hour*

“Connector” = I was making a spit roast joke @soupernabturel

Sorry to burst your bubble, @angrysouffle, but I just assumed you were Mommy and @soupernabturel was Daddy.

And after I pretty much got permission to do so (please note this quote from Soup: “OMG Heffalump!Misha, Heffishalump!! Love it (so freaking weird). Consider your Fandom!Daddy proud.“), I’ve already been calling Soup Daddy in my head. It’s been hours and it’s fully sunk in. Too late now.

Should we do a poll of all the kids?

Daddy’s proud of me for my Mishalump Heffishalump 🙂