Guys, guys GUYS

Buff af!Cas and Chubby!Dean

That is all.

Oh oh and both Dean and Cas being 100% and completely supportive of the others body type!

Like Cas being absolutely supportive and loving that Dean is so cuddly and squishy and happy with his weight even though there are some people (asshats) who always have something to say about it.

And Dean loving waking up on a lazy Sunday morning to the shower running because Cas has been up for hours and is showering off the sweat from his run. He’s training for the city marathon and though Dean would never be caught dead running with him (unlike Sam some morning) but you can bet at that marathon Dean is the biggest cheerleader for his boo.

And maybe, on that lazy Sunday morning, Dean heads into the shower with him and it’s squishy cos Cas is stacked af and Dean is just big so they ditch the tiny shower and instead hop back into bed to spend the day netflix and chilling (and eating all the delicious food Dean cooks them).

Souuuuuuuup, why you do this to me? There are very few kinks that I don’t personally have, and chubby kink is one of them. Not that I’m against it, but the feederism thing and the fat as a kink thing just never did it for me. ykinmkbykiok, blah blah.

Anyway… then you go and smack me over the head with totally adorable shit like this and…

Could it be?

Could you be feeding (awesome word choice there, eh?) one of the very few kinks I don’t have?!

*squishes you like an adorably squishy thing*