MBTI types as unhealthy relationship behaviors

INFP: saying “I love you” on the first date
ENFP: communicating only through emojis to avoid intimacy
INFJ: stalking S.O.’s social media at 3 a.m.
ENFJ: stalking S.O.’s ex’s social media at 3 a.m.
ISFJ: giving a $100 1-week anniversary gift
ESFJ: freaking out when S.O. forgets 2 month anniversary
ISTJ: taking shared bathroom schedule too seriously
ESTJ: running away when hearing “i love you” for the first time
INTP: only expresses emotions over text
ENTP: only expresses emotions through memes
INTJ: plans wedding during first date
ENTJ: plants keyloggers to track texts
ISFP: debilitating jealousy
ESFP: “you don’t love me!”
ESTP: cheating
ISTP: emotionally unavailable pumpkin