TOP 5 favorite fanfics others have written? TOP 5 most recent fics you’ve read?

Top 5 Favorite Fanfics (I’m cheating with more than five because how the hell do I pick only five!?!?)

Thicker than Water by valiant

Some Don’t Like it Hot by strangenessandcharm

BDSM ‘Verse by Xanthe

Sex Corps ‘Verse by epeeblade

Beautiful Broken by lit-girl

42 by Mort and the Sequel

Chains ‘Verse by Diana Williams

Incubus by crimson

Scruffy AI by lavvyan

These are no longer online, but need a mention: Stranger Things ‘Verse by esmeralda, Sick ‘Verse by writeatmidnight, Of Pie and Self-Loathing by scourgeofeurope

That’s five, right? I’m good at math and I say that’s ^ five.

5 most recent fics

On the Edge by @samanddeaninpanties

Chick Flick Moment by @samanddeaninpanties

Saved by @samanddeaninpanties

Burgundy and Black by @majesticduxk

Tasty by @dreamsfromthebunker