Dose of Normal


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Teen Up, Sam x Reader, first person POV, Words: 2217

Sam deserves a dose of normal – that much is clear.

Kissing, Grinding, Cuddling & Snuggling, Beaches, Bonfires, Season/Series 01, Hurt/Comfort

This is a request fic for @anotherwinchesterfangirl who won “We Got Played By The Maid Award – best drabble/poem” in my Tumblr 300 followers awards.


The Winchesters. They’d blown into my town like a winter storm, chasing news about a series of suspicious deaths. It had been quite something to watch from the sidelines, even more fascinating once I’d been dragged into the mix. That’s what you get when you run the antiques store. Well, not just any antique store.

There’d been the small matter of handling the sales of items from the estate of a man who’d murdered his wife and stuffed her remains in more than five antiquities. To cut a long story short.

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