i find it funny how so ppl on this website find weird looking, dangerous animals so cute and misunderstood and im sitting here like uhh can’t relate :/

My favorite animals are bats. They look adorable to me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and try to handle them – they can be dangerous and they’re wild animals. But I’m still gonna post pics of them and call them cute and adorable BECAUSE LOOK AT THEIR LITTLE FACES!! 😀

My dad is TERRIFIED of snakes. We bought him a snake pen a while back and he couldn’t even keep it in his room. He ended up having my cousin take it. Whenever I say a snake looks cute because sometimes they look like they’re smiling, he can’t even wrap his head around the thought of it being cute in any way.

But I can definitely see it when it comes to monkeys. I don’t find them cute AT ALL and so many people do. They’re dangerous and extremely unsanitary so it’s like NO NOT CUTE 😀

OTOH when it comes to fantasy creatures that are made to look disgusting or repulsive or scary? I can’t help but find a lot of them cute. I don’t know why! A big old scary thing will jump out of the dark and snarl and eat some people and I’m like PUPPY!!

Something wrong with my brain 😛