alternative places to find us

This is Maya. I’m going to be backing up this blog on both Dreamwidth and Pillowfort, and don’t forget you can always find us on AO3.

I’m assuming several promos will be considered not safe for work.

I know fanfic isn’t going to be banned, but our challenge includes graphics, so give me some time to figure out what we’re doing and I’ll make an announcement with more info soon.

If you lose these links, you can always find me all over the net under the name Mayalaen, including a Gmail address.

crackfic vs. legit fic

I noticed a few of you mentioned wishing there wasn’t so much crackfic and you wished regular fic was allowed or there was more of it.

Let me make it clear that the type of fic written is completely up to the writer. We joke around and do silly stuff here, but that doesn’t mean you have to write crack.

In fact, of the 18 fics I’ve written for SPNColdestHits, only 8 were crack. The point is to get the least amount of points. In doing so, some people choose to write badfic or crackfic, but from what I’ve seen, crackfic does not equal a winning fic. In fact, I haven’t figured out the right combination to win yet. As you have probably noticed, since I’ve never won 😀

The themes we post are simply themes. They’re a starting point for your fic. You can interpret it however you want, no matter how crack-y the theme sounds.

Speaking of which, if you win and you’d like to pick a totally serious topic, please feel free to do so. The winner has complete control over the theme.

Each writer also has complete control over pairings, tags, characters, etc. A lot of the participants tend to write Dean with Castiel, which is fine, but all pairings and genfic are welcome 🙂

New Format

THE SURVEY is still open for anybody who wants to participate, but from what I’ve seen so far, everybody would like more time to work on fics.

What we came up with is that October’s winner will pick December’s theme and November’s winner will pick January’s theme, etc. giving you more time to think about and work on your fics.

October’s winner will be contacted soon to let me know what the theme for December will be, and I’ll get the post up as soon as I can.

Shifting things around meant November had no theme, so I’m bringing back one of the most popular prompts we’ve ever had, courtesy of @thayerkerbasy.

There won’t be any bonus points this month, so only your comments, kudos, and hits will count against your score. All kinds of promos will give you -10 each, so there’s less confusion.

I’m about to post the theme for November, so keep an eye out for that. I just wanted to warn y’all that things are changing a bit and to hang on for the ride 🙂

Hopefully it’ll be easier for people to participate.

Hi everybody! This is Maya. There have been some changes with the mods, and both @whataboutthefish and @dreamsfromthebunker needed to step aside. @thayerkerbasy is doing an awesome job with reblogs and finding weird stuff to post, so thanks go out to them! But I need help with the challenge, especially with the changes that will …